Virgo (August 23-September 22)
November 2014 Monthly Horoscope

The 10th is bringing us a very disruptive energy and this may play out via your children if you have any. Playground fights and manipulative tendencies are possible. If you donít have kids, you and a love interest may call it quits for good, or have an excellent amorous rendezvous. If a lover is being creepy controlling, dump them. That kind of thing only gets worse over time.

Those who are in a creative field will feel this energy via the impetus to start a new, perhaps very ambitious project.

I want to mention you have a very lovely energy building now and it will assist you in various ways for the next couple of months. The energy will wane a bit after the first of the year, but will still be protecting you, just more subtly. Then it will increase in strength again around next summer. People will find you charming and attractive and you may have opportunities to make money through a government contract or through someone with a great deal of influence.

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Virgo (August 23-September 22)
2014 Yearly Horoscope

Your new solar chart has a few changes which hopefully will bring some good things your way. It is unfortunate that your ruler, Mercury, has left your solar first house. You had additional power in your communication, analytical and communication skills, so this may be one of the negatives of this yearís solar chart. However the moon has also vacated the 1st house, which I think is probably a plus. So we will call this a draw.

However, there is some truly wonderful news for your solar 1st house in that Venus, planet of love, money, charm, beauty and friends will just barely cross over your solar ascendant. Venus will give you protection from any malcontents who might be lurking in your world. You wonít be unassailed, but their evil doings wonít be able to hinder your positive reviews. I would advise that you find out who these malcontents are and lay bare their vices and foibles given theirs have to do with Neptune, planet of liars, con men, thieves and degenerates.

Venus will give you added attracting abilities and an element of protection to your health. If you work in a field involving beauty, decorating and even finance you will do quite well. You can charm your way into any board room and not just because you are a pretty face. Venus being in Virgo means you actually have analytical and intellectual skills as well.

Mercury moved out of your solar 1st house and into your house of money. You may be communicating about your finances more this year. If you need to make money, use your intellect and communication skills to rake in the big bucks. You might also be asked to do a little contract work.

The north node has landed in your solar 2nd house with Mercury, making it necessary that you spend some time focusing on your finances. You may not be comfortable in this realm, but it would be good to understand a little more about investing and such.

There are a few tribulations in your house of roommates, commutes, teachers, vehicles, mobility, extended family, neighbors and short trips. For every step you take forward you will take at least one back. The people you deal with are likely rather severe, mean or perhaps even beyond a Neanderthal level of obtuse. I wouldnít waste a lot of time dwelling on these things, it just isnít worth the trouble.

If you have creative talent you will be able to focus on this area of your life again this year. If you are a writer, detective novels would be a good bet. Whatever your talent is you may be a little intense about it. Since this house also rules entertainment and investments you may want to mellow out a little about the newest movie or video game coming out.

If you have kids you need to be aware they are probably going to be a little obsessive in some way. This is actually fairly normal for a kid to be involved in some whim or another, often to extremes. I guess it is all those raging hormones. For the most part if you just let them be it will pass with little more damage than holes in your walls where they pinned up their latest heartthrob. One area you might want to watch out for is your child being picked on, or picking on others. If you have several kids, make sure the older one is not bossing the younger one around too much.

Your 6th house has the planet of emotions within it. Virgos have the disturbing mantra associated with their sign that says they must ďserve or sufferĒ. I donít like this, but so far I have not seen the lack of truth in it. The problem with this kind of service is that often you just canít see an end to the problems or you canít get the predicaments of your fellow earthly souls out of your head when you go to bed at night. From my perspective, which is one that is trained in service, the bottom line is that many people, not all, but most, are in the situation they are in because they have made choices in their life that led them there or did nothing to get them out of the terrible dilemma in which they were born. This isnít their fault necessarily, but more importantly, it isnít yours. Being emotionally moved about anotherís plight is certainly a worthy and very human response to seeing the suffering of people. Finding a way to help these people is a wonderful aspiration. But donít let it take a negative toll on you. You canít help anyone if you lose your perspective.

You may work with someone this year who is very nurturing or who is emotionally unstableÖperhaps both. They certainly are not mutually exclusive. It goes without saying that you probably donít want to spend any more time with this person than necessary. Also, donít let people with a life sucking force get near you. You are still operating on a somewhat sensitive level this year and you canít afford to waste your energy on one of these vampires.

Make sure you keep hydrated this year if you are out in any kind of extreme temperatures or if you participate in sports. The moon rules the bodily fluids, as well as the breasts and stomach. You may find you have a few tummy ailments this year which can probably be traced to a liking for some type of foreign cuisine, too much stress or medications.

Neptune is still in its own sign of Pisces this year, which is one of the nicer items of note within the cosmic world. This planet is still in your house of business partnerships, best friends and marriage.

Those in committed relationships may find that they are aware of the others thoughts without speaking, which is a lovely occurrence when it happens. Others may find that they donít understand their partner the way they used to, and if you are of the older set, this might stem from your partner having a decline in their health. Almost everyone has a few memory problems as they get older, so while it is not what we want to have happen to someone we love, it certainly isnít unusual. Do what you can to mitigate the effects and put some measures in place to keep the problems it causes at a minimum. Making lists helps with day to day activities.

For those looking for a long term mate, you may be reacquainted with someone you knew only in passing several years ago. You will be attracted to those who seem somewhat mysterious. They might have big eyes the color of water or deep, dark and fathomless. This can be a true love match, so take the time to get to know them if you can.

Others will have problems with their mates which take up the very negative attributes of Neptune and are some of the worst for relationships as they encompass lying and using others. This probably will only happen for a small percentage of Virgos since few are able to fly under your flim-flam radar. Donít write off a somewhat odd and evasive sort too quickly as they may just be a deep thinker and bring you some of the most sublime happiness in your life.

Uranus, keeper of weirdoes and chaotic scenes is teaming up with the south node in your house of power this year. You still have a great deal of charisma because of this, but I wouldnít use it overmuch since the south node is prone to making gifts we overuse rather off putting.

Your taxes are a bit of an oddity this year and you need to pay special attention to whomever you have doing them for you. They may be brilliant, so donít breathe down their neck, but they also might be a little fast and loose with the deductions, and these can turn out badly for you.

Your career house is empty, but that doesnít mean there is nothing going on in it. In fact, you are blessed in having Mercury making sure you get rewarded for whatever you are doing career wise. If you are looking for work, communications and jobs requiring some sort of travel are good areas to look in to, as are the beauty and hospitality industries.

You have Lucky Jupiter hiding out in your house of secrets all year. This isnít the best place for him, but it certainly isnít the worst either because he functions here as a sort of guardian angel. This is because Jupiter is quite at home in this house, liking to do his good works in a more anonymous fashion from time to time. If you have problems and you canít quite figure out what is going on or who the culprit is, Jupiter is wonderful at being your champion and knocking a few imbeciles heads together who deign to mess with one of his peeps.

You can have very extravagant dreams this year, perhaps even cavorting with angels or talking to people you admire. Make sure you write your dream wanderings down upon waking because you can glean many insights from them.

I hope you will have an absolutely fabulous year, with fun and prosperity raining down on your world. Please remember to say a prayer for those who are less fortunate, especially the kids with cancer.

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