Taurus (April 20-May 20)
March 2015

The month of March is gracing us with one of the more favorable energies the heavens allow, a trine between Jupiter and Uranus on the 3rd: At least when it is taken in its most positive light. As with any of the Universal energies, when utilized in their darkest form this one can be very gnarly. Still, the magnanimous leanings of Jupiter and the innovative bent of Uranus bring excellent potentials and I shall endeavor to elucidate you concerning these.

Your solar chart will host these energies within the realms of your past, your family, secrets and fantasies. For some of you there will be opportunities for your family to be extremely connected to the point of some kind of telepathy. For others you will find the home of your dreams. A family member may have an opportunity to work for a large organization like a hospital or a governmental entity.

If you decide to move, or have to for some reason, you will probably chose a large and sprawling subdivision or apartment building with many floors. Retirement communities might also interest you. This change may be difficult for you, as Bulls are not known for their tractability, but you will be surprised by how much more excited about life it makes you and about all the interesting people you will meet.

March is further indicated to be a very important month due to the total solar eclipse on the 20th. NASA has a site called the NASA Eclipse Website which is an excellent tool showing eclipse duration, trajectory and a plethora of other related data. On the upcoming total solar eclipse it appears that unless you live in Svalbard you won’t be able to see it. Astrological lore states that the places which can see the eclipse will receive the most power from it as well as the difficulties purported to be spawned by the eclipse. Early astrologers deemed that rulers would fall during total solar eclipses as well as other dire happenings associated with governments.

Those who have a planet in their natal chart in the latest degrees of Pisces will be more apt to feel the eclipses effects and you may be in the spotlight for some reason if you do. Keep in mind too that this is the front end of the eclipse pattern which includes a solar and a lunar eclipse (which will occur on 4/4/15). The total lunar eclipse is the second to the last in a sequence of eclipses which are called “blood moons” due to the moon turning red, which has Biblical significance (Rev. 6:12). There will be a final lunar eclipse in September which will conclude this triad. These “blood moon” eclipses are not particularly rare events and you can look up when they occurred throughout history. Often they appear to correlate with events concerning Israel. Perhaps the rising surge of anti-Semitism in Europe, the killing of Christians in door-to-door raids in Syria and barbarisms towards other Faiths particularly in Middle Eastern countries could be associated with this succession of blood moon eclipses.

This solar eclipse will highlight your partnership house. If you are unmarried, you may feel compelled to ask someone to spend their life with you under this auspice. There is a huge subconscious pull in this relationship which will play a big part in its instigation. On the other side of this, someone you consider your best friend or business partner may start getting on your nerves. This is likely to cause some very hard feelings and a sudden break up is a possibility if things have gone on too long. This is a long shot as even the difficult alliances carry synergy unless you have a poorly aspected Jupiter in your natal chart.

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Taurus (April 20-May 20)
2015 Yearly Highlights

Last year you tried to communicate your ideas to others and perhaps investigated the potentials regarding your notions. This year is a time to put them into action. You believe you know what you want and you know what it will take to get it. Mars is offering you the drive to make things happen. Getting into shape is something which may interest you, and building up your muscles might be a good goal. However, don’t overtax your abilities as you will be more prone to strains, muscles pulls and perhaps in rare cases, a broken bone.

Money will come more easily to you in 2015 which is a terrific thing. You can use your communication skills and your intellect, perhaps writing or in association with some sort of travel, to greatly improve your fluid resources. One thing you might want to avoid doing however is talking a lot about how much money you have. Gossips could be listening and then, through them, they might spread it around that you are a bit flush, attracting some deceptive con artists who try to be your “friend”. Money is a bit like religion and politics, don’t talk about it in open forums.

Last year was rather emotionally charged for you in your home life. You may have had a big increase in the size of your family with marriages and births gracing your life. Becoming a parent or grandparent is a certain possibility. For some there may have been emotional upheaval including a move to a place you don’t like or people entering your life that get on your very last nerve, probably associated with a marriage in your family, but it could also be a child who has developed a personality that you just don’t like much. This year will mellow your experiences a bit and give you some grounding, as well as the knowledge that you are now the matriarch or patriarch of a growing brood of folks who need a great deal of money to survive. Which makes the fact that you are making more money this year, or have that potential to do so, quite a coup does it not? If you do not receive the gift of financial abundance, then you need to take into account the needs and costs of a growing family and budget accordingly. Do not buy a house you cannot afford as this could be detrimental to you later.

The best news I can give you for 2015 is that you have finally gotten rid of Saturn in your house of marriage and partnerships. This is a wonderful sigh of relief for you and not only that, the Universe is offering you feelings you haven’t felt in ages to compensate for the bereft ones you suffered the last couple of years. If you can still believe in love and commitment after all you have been through on a personal level then you may find a new and exciting love in your life, or at least a fellow soul who has the same passion as you do. This is a meeting of spirits and one you will never forget as long as you live and the passion you feel for one another will be something you absolutely can’t ignore. I suppose this is as close to a “soul mating” as you may ever find. There will also be nurturing aspect to this, either you “mothering” them, or they you, depending on who most needs this kind of love.

Saturn has moved on to your house of monies you share with a partner or are in charge of managing for a client or other person. Saturn is an austere energy so it isn’t likely that the financial aspect will be pleasant overall unless they have an abundance of long term investments, in which case, things will be quite well. Hopefully they will be young enough to enjoy this windfall.

This house is also the house of passion, sex and all lustful endeavors, including those involving partying, drink and drugs. Saturn is only good from this standpoint for those who have long been at their addiction and have a resistance. Otherwise it may signal a dearth of such activities, probably due to aging out of them or from financial considerations. Old rockers will remain old rockers and probably even get better under this auspice. I find this comforting. There is a certain “never say die” mentality here and it is all about survivors and surviving. Of course, it is also about death, as this is the death house and Saturn is a death sign. We may see some notable dignitaries who have this sign in a personal area and who have lead us faithfully for many years part this life. They shall have had a fantastic life and we will be better for knowing them.

The only other change you will see in your solar chart this year has to do with the house of secrets. Uranus has set up camp here and is operating his subversive, eclectic and strange activities in a very quiet way in your world. However all this weirdness is being joined by Venus this year, making things much less freaky. Venus operates as a guardian angel here and even if there are those who don’t want you to succeed you will receive assistance from unusual sources. This is also indicative of some sort of secret fantasy you may have that may be wildly divergent from what those who know you believe you might dream. Hey, so what? As long as it isn’t quirky to the point of creepy, you are entitled to your secret wants. Assuming they aren’t too illegal and immoral I think you should try to attain them. Make yourself happy. This life is difficult and there are often too few stretches of pure bliss. If you have a chance to be blissful, even if it means making a rather dramatic change, go for it.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)
2014 Yearly Horoscope

I had such high hopes for your 2014 solar chart Bulls. I really did. I was sick and tired of telling you that your partner was an avarice poop and you had something weird hidden in your house of secrets and fantasies. Oh well, I guess we get to slog along in this world for another year. I have to say, I am as unhappy about this as you are because I really am sick of telling you the same things over and over. I am so sorry the Universe is being stubborn.

Last year you had Venus, your ruler, gracing your first house and making life easier for you. This year Venus has moved into your house of secrets. Venus gets along okay here, but she can’t protect you like she did last year when she was out in the open and in a more potent angular house. You do have your intellect assisting you this year, as well as your communication skills. This is probably better anyway.

Jupiter, planet of luck and opportunity is sitting in your house of communications all year, so you have a double indicator of a need to keep the lines of communication open. This can also increase your activities in your immediate environment and neighborhood. You could see your community grow or your neighborhood expand under this influence.

Siblings, cousins and extended family will play a greater role in your life. You may decide to take a weekend trip with them or get involved in a community project together. Even if you are older and don’t like to get out, you can still be the contact point for activities. If you have never had a luxury vehicle, this might be the year you decide to buy one.

The moon, which is the ruler of the 4th house, is in this house this year, meaning it brings you a special blessing because it is at Home here. In fact, it is actually conjunct the lowest point in the chart. This would be a great year for you to start a home business or approach your boss about working at home. If you have been wanting to start a family, this is also a signal that it is possible for you to do so now. The best thing is that your home will truly be one now and you will feel more comfortable in it than you ever have.

Take care of your health this year. You may need to have some sort of minor surgery, or maybe major surgery, but it should go well. This might be something you want to keep quiet, especially amongst the gossip hounds at your work. Speaking of which, you might have a falling out with someone at work this year. Perhaps more than a falling out, a downright fist to cuffs or claw to face could ensue. At the very least, it will be much more competitive in your work place.

Okay, now we come to your house of marriage and partnerships and I don’t have a lot good to say. Saturn is still here and he is retrograde, so debilitated. The north node has moved out but with him there you were fated to be with whoever you were with last year. This year? Not so much. Saturn is still opposing your solar sun, which means your ego is a problem with regard to your partnerships. If you are a bossy Bull you might want to stop that if you want to keep your marriage together. Your partner has the support of siblings, neighbors or some influential member of the community.

If you are looking for love, you can find it with someone older or of a more reticent personality. This person might be a member of “the establishment” or they might like wearing black or blood red. To meet them you should look to dry places, somewhat stark and barren.

As I move around the zodiac wheel I see I forgot to mention that the south node has moved next to your solar sun. This means that you might not be as shiny as you were last year. As in you might experience a lull in popularity or that your health could be a little affected. Sorry. Probably would have been nicer for you if I would have not mentioned it, but the health part might be worthy of note. Most of you won’t have any major issues and you may just be in a low energy ebb. We all have them.

Finally. Venus has entered your house of secrets as I mentioned earlier. This is a helpful auspice for the hidden stuff going on in your life. Venus brings money, friendship and love. If you have been unhappy, perhaps desperately so, you could find some sort of a secret love. If your finances have been a mess, then a government contract could come your way. If you have ever wanted to swim with the dolphins, this is your year to do it.

The elemental energy in your solar chart says you need to be passionate and practical. Odd mix, but I don’t make it up, God does. If you are moved by the plight of group of people or a critter, put your heartfelt feelings into practical notions. Your feelings are not really that pronounced this year, which can be good for being practical, but bad for following your heart when you should. The element of air is the least notable in your chart this year, which means laughing it off may not work for you, or that your sense of humor is lacking. On a brighter note, it also means you won’t be an airhead, which is always helpful.

I hope you will have an absolutely fabulous year, with fun and prosperity raining down on your world. Please remember to say a prayer for those who are less fortunate, especially the kids with cancer.

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