Scorpio (October 23-November 21)
November Horoscope

Someone really wants you to make some changes. Could be a partner, or maybe a good friend, and they may have some semi-legit reasons. Still, seems like they are being sanctimonious which is always highly annoying and might mean you should just do what you want. Within reason. If you have a whole little posse of your DNA wandering behind you, you no longer get to do what you want. Sorry.

You also are dealing with some private stuff. As Neptune moves forward you may find a few answers, or some relief, from whatever secret phantoms haunt you. I expect any torment you might be suffering has been lessened with Neptune happily in its Home in your solar chart. This gives you a lot more options than might otherwise be available to you. Be thankful for that.

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Scorpio (October 23-November 21)
2015 Yearly Highlights

Happy 2015! You have a huge reason to have a celebration because Saturn will finally leave your sign this year. While Saturn visits our sign it is a trial by fire. What we think we know will be tested and who or what we thought we could rely upon may or may not be there. Saturn seems quite evil, but really he is merely testing our reality and if it has a basis in truth. If you passed through the last couple of years without any difficulties you are quite special. I have rarely seen anyone who did so.

On Christmas Eve of 2014 Saturn moved into Sagittarius leaving your sign and giving you a huge sigh of relief for the New Year. You should feel a general lightening of mood during the first three months of the year. On 3/15 Saturn will move into retrograde and by 6/16 will once again be within the domain of your sign. Therefore, essentially from the middle of March you will begin to feel the restrictive noose around your neck that is Saturn. Perhaps more soundly if perchance you have not learned the lessons the Universe was intent upon teaching you.

All of life on planet Earth is a learning field. We come here with deficiencies and deficits which have been Hand Chosen for us to learn. No one gets a bye in the tournament of life. We play our hearts out until we die. Hopefully wiser, more astute and with acceptance and humility. Saturn is an old hand at humility and making an ass of folks. In fact, I think it is his most favorite thing to do. Be very careful during this time my friends. Your toil is not over and will not be so until well after Saturn moves out of your sign in early August. The things you do this year are going to be on Saturn’s radar as will anything you did for the last two years. If you have merely coasted by, you will be found out. If you are hiding things, well, that too will be brought to light. But mostly it will be your character that is under fire. What does your heart think? (Yes dammit, hearts do think). Do you enjoy making others feel silly and stupid? Do you like to set people up to be made a fool of? This is an unsavory side of yourself and will be called out now. Saturn wants to know what you are made of and can you be counted on in a clutch situation? I hope for your sake you are solid, loving and genuine. Saturn does not like you overmuch right now, so what, no one likes him. He will be harder on you than others, such as those who share an element with him.

Okay, enough of the scary stuff. It is the New Year! And Yes, you will put Saturn and your foibles behind you and move forward into the light. This is a fantastic year to devote to learning about yourself and to begin to be seen as someone who “knows their stuff”. Whatever your “stuff” may be. Become the best at it that you can possibly be. Study, take seminars, travel if it will help. Whatever is necessary to help you learn what you need to know to be at the top of the heap in your field.

This is a year to build your fortunes or to rely on “old money” or monies you have already invested within well established companies. Your cash flow may be lessened or you may be on a fairly strict budget. If you are in need of extra money, an older person may be able to help you out.

Last year you had a great deal of energy being expended on networking and with our siblings and extended family. Some of this will have resulted in strife. This year you are free from these aggravations, at least the skirmishes. However, the dissonance may be lingering in cold war fashion. You can gain power through your communications, but do not under any circumstances misuse any power you may achieve. Gossiping is a huge no-no for you.

Now for some of the potential goodies of the year. You have the moon in your solar 10th house. This means you have the potential to be famous, or notorious, but we’ll go with the former. If you have ever wanted to be in the public spotlight this is a great year to attempt it. Even if you have not wanted it, you could find yourself getting your “15 minutes of fame”. This public acclaim can help you to gain wealth, so make sure what you are selling is fabulous.

Groups and friends will occupy much of your time this year and you will probably be invited to join groups in which you can meet people of influence. The north node is involved in this, so it is a rather fated kind of energy, and let no one ever tell you that fate is an essentially kind thing. Perhaps it will be helpful, and perhaps it will be awkward. A positive side is that you could meet a very beneficent, knowledgeable and useful partner while hob-knobbing amongst the masses. This is most likely to be a romantic liaison but could be a business or social connection.

If you are already partnered up, you may want to avoid overdoing your group activities. Your partner may be the one who is experiencing a great number of invitations to events which could cost you a lot of money to attend or cause you to over indulge in other ways. If you care what others think then you might want to be wary of any over-indulgences. If you are your own person and don’t give a crap what others think, then go and have fun. After the last few years I can think of no one who deserves it more. May you have a completely fabulous 2015.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)
2014 Yearly Horoscope

In every New Year we are given a new set of potentials via the cosmic world, and in the case of the simplistic world of horoscopes based upon generic solar charts, this is a truly fabulous thing for your astrologer. This is because, just as you get tired of reading the same prognostications, I can assure you, I get tired of writing them. So, Cheers to the New Year and the beginning of a new batch of solar energies for us to puzzle over.

The worst issue you will face as 2014 commences is that Saturn is still in your sign. Saturn will continue in your sign until late December of this year and then it will venture into Sagittarius. However, do not be complacent, as it will reenter your sign, due to retrogradation, on June 16th, 2015, staying until September 18th of that same year. This is a time to be aware of, or beware of, as the case may be. The four months in 2015 will glean how the Universe has weighed your growth during the cosmic taskmasters visit. Nothing with Saturn is easy, but it is prone to eliminate things from your life so you can see what is important and thereby simplify your existence or re-route your course.

The fabulous news? Venus, little lordette of happiness, minor windfalls, beauty and encounters with love will grace your solar sun all year. This is a huge protective energy and it will give you attracting ability for both love and money. The not so fabulous news is that Saturn is haunting this little duo…from a distance…but close enough to put the kabash on anything extraordinarily wonderful, unless you are older or very well trained. If you have passed Saturn’s arduous tests with flying colors, in which case, you are about to receive a motherload of goodies, encompassing all of Venus’ wonders and charms.

The house of communication, networking, short vacations, teachers (K-12 or remedial), commutes, roommates and your several block community has some very powerful players visiting this year. If you have worried about your current neighborhood being a little crime laden, you should move. If you are older you may find that the activities you once easily did have become more than you want to engage in anymore. If you have the sort of life where you hobnob with the rich and famous, you can add powerful and influential to your list this year. These energies are friends of yours and therefore they will be much more complimentary to you than others.

Your creative efforts can meet with some rather glamorous results, especially for those who have had to pave the way to their fortunes by overcoming a great difficulty or handicap. If you teach those who are wounded in some great way, this will also play out extremely well for you. For those with children, concentrating heavily on the first born, you could see a few problems, primarily with deceit or some lesser form of evasiveness. If this child is a teen or older offer encouragement for them if they are pursuing a job which entails they work with people who have difficulties ranging from addictions to disabilities. They are likely a gifted healer or teacher. Encourage them. The world does not have enough of these sorts to go around as it is and these jobs are taxing sometimes. Be there for them so they can persevere to make the world a better place.

Your workplace could undergo some pretty significant changes. In some cases this might mean some sort of ending. This isn’t something the majority of you should worry about, but it would probably be a good idea to have an exit plan, both literally and figuratively. Oh, and take care of your ankles. I am telling you all of this because you have Uranus conjunct the south node in your 6th house this year. For some this is a very difficult thing. Whatever happens, it will happen quickly and quite suddenly.

On a more positive note, sometimes the south node brings a latent gift or one which has been accumulated through good works and divine intervention. While accompanied by Uranus, planet of chaos, genius and belly laughs, there is a wonder of possibilities for you. Some will experience this at work, in your mundane routines. Someone could become part of your world that is not seemingly of great consequence yet makes an indelible difference, bringing profound insight and elation. This person might come to you on your daily visit to a coffee shop, grocery store or any other place you frequent as a regular part of your day to day life.

The same could happen due to an unexpected addition to your family by way of a pet. You may not want this pet; they may just take up residence. However, if you are receiving the deep blessings of this configuration, they will bring light to your life on its darkest days. At any rate, do not turn away any unexpected and unusual vestige which deigns to visit you this year. Be it biped, quadruped, or anything in between. This interaction could be one of the great joys of your life.

As we move into your house of partnerships, you have the fluid and fluctuating moon here this year. If you are scouting for a life partner, you will probably be drawn to someone with domestic or nurturing skills or who will take care of you (for a change). Some of you will wish for a partner primarily so you can become a parent. Not a bad reason as long as everyone is on board and agreeable.

If you are older and well ensconced in a committed relationship, then you or your partner may take on a more care giving role. Hopefully if you are the one needing this kind of care you have chosen wisely in a life companion. No one takes care of you as well as someone who truly loves you, even if that love is rather time worn.

I’ve known a lot of older folks, and am fairly well enmeshed in their ranks, but while we may not be spry and agile, inside we still feel much the same as we did when we were much younger. My best advice to those who feel stifled in a seemingly ancient relationship is to make sure at least one time a day you are what may deemed as loveable, sweet, gentle, thoughtful and such. If you know they like fluffy, warm towels when they get out of the shower… supply them on occasion (or you can buy them one of those towel warmers I’ve seen in magazines). If you know they detest loading the dishwasher, you make sure you do that little chore. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, just a simple kindness. My hope for you is that you have at least one other soul to look after yours.

Jupiter will grace the uppermost sector of your solar chart this year, making bosses quite benevolent and opportunities for advancement abundant. If you are not happy in your current position, you may want to seek out someone you are close friends with to see if they are aware of any other options. Regardless of what you do, you will likely be happy in your position this year and could find your supervisory skills expanded in a very large fashion. The only problem here might come if bosses try to saddle you with more work than you can, or should have to handle.

The last major grouping of energies is hiding out in your house of secrets. The planet of intellectual pursuits is here, as is the north node, the harbinger of that which you should pursue. You could decide to begin studying a subject which is rather obscure or just do some research on your own time. There is a big possibility that others will wish to tell you their confidences and secrets. There are few who can be trusted to keep a secret more than you Scorpio, but don’t let others burden you with their problems.

Any decisions you make this year need to be definitive Scorpio. There can be no wishy-washy pronouncements or verdicts. Be practical but don’t forget to listen to your heart. When we follow our heart we may not get the best outcome, but we will get the one we can live with and for which we will have few regrets when our time here is done.

I hope you will have an absolutely fabulous year, with fun and prosperity raining down on your world. Please remember to say a prayer for those who are less fortunate, especially the kids with cancer.

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