Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)
April 2014 Monthly Horoscopes

You know, Iím not sure if I mentioned before that your solar chart for 2014 has a couple of reverberations of energy signatures that tend towards the extreme. Iím sure I mentioned it in the yearly, but if not, I should have. Your ruler, Jupiter is protecting you from very high in the solar chart, but even the good juju of Jupiter may not be able to shield you from all of the potential problems, which grow, one on top of the other. This doesnít have to be a terrible thing, but because the human condition tends toward overindulgence and self-aggrandizement when given the opportunity, it very well may suck you down into this vortex if you have even a teeny tiny couple of vices or weaknesses. Just know that it is lurking about and donít be extravagant or overindulge. Also donít beat yourself up. As long as you can get up, make it to work and be as productive as the person in the surrounding cubicles, itís all good.

I tell you all of this because this month we have a couple of very potent triggering mechanisms coming our way. One in the form of a total lunar eclipse, the other in the auspice of a three-fold major planetary alignment. Regardless of your natal chart, it is likely one of these things is going to enliven a linked area of your chart. You arenít alone in this, but you do have a potential rolling effect going on in your solar chart that will make your life even more interesting than that of the rest of us.

When the total lunar eclipse happens, two of the houses already very active in your solar chart will light up even further, these being the 1st house of ego, health and personal expression and the 5th house of speculation, kids, love affairs and artistic creativity. The lunar eclipse will oppose your solar 5th house from the 11th. If you have teenage children I would watch for their behavior or talent to be noteworthy. In other cases, a friend could introduce you to someone interesting, and very memorable. Good memorable or date from hell memorable is kind of hard to tell.

The energies converging later in the month are also focusing on your solar 5th house. If you work in a creative field, anything from sculpting, to music to writing to painting, this will invigorate your inspiration and offer you the ability to expound upon your talents in a way that can garner you the potential of extreme attention.

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Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)
2014 Yearly Horoscopes

Iíve been a little dismayed at the lack of planetary movement in some of the other signs from last yearís solar chart to this year. Then I pulled up yours and you definitely do not have this same problem. What you do have is a multilayered Grand Trine blinking loudly in the pattern area of your house. Look up Grand Trines on the internet. I donít want to go into it with you other than to say that this can be a very, very good thing, or an insidiously, pathologically parasitic thing.

If you are good as gold, as most Sagittarians are, then you need to be careful that someone might have you in their sights and finds you a very appetizing piece of meat. Probably more in a financial way than in a cannibalistic way, thankfully, but I would prepare for either contingency.

Your solar 1st house is actually helpful for you, as is your ruler Jupiter, but weíll talk about olí Jove later. You still have intellectual Mercury in your solar 1st house , which is where he was last year. However, this year you have Saturn, from the 12th house conjuncting dear, nervous Hermes. This will stabilize you thought processes and allow you to concentrate on subjects you might not have been as easily able to comprehend before, but it will also bring a sobering aspect to your thoughts. If you are a bit flighty by nature, and some Sagittarians can be from time to time, this will mellow you out a great deal.

The other energies in your solar first house will enhance your attracting abilities a great deal, which can be both a fabulous thing and a frightful thing (see paragraph #2). You can sell anything now, so if you have any personal creations to peddle this is your year to make a tidy profit. If you are in a sales position, this too can be lucrative for you. If you are already independently wealthy, again, see paragraph #2.

The 2nd house of earned income has boom or bust Pluto still in residence, but it is in a riskier placement than last year. You may not want to overextend yourself with this energy. Risk is always involved in high stakes financial dealings, but you may not want to put too much of your personal income at risk. In fact, you donít want to do this.

The house of siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, neighbors, teachers (K-12), mobility and the vehicles required for it, your community and roommates has been visited by the planet of assholes past. If you have an older car it will probably break down or do something funky that causes you to run into someone. If you and your roommate have lived in an atmosphere that resembles a cold war, it will become an all-out nuclear holocaust. You can extrapolate the potentials on the rest for yourself. The positive aspect of having the planet of war here is that if you or your child who is involved in sports, you have an athletic gift this year. You can also decide to head up a challenging project in your school or community and while it wonít be easy, you will have the energy to tackle it.

This year we have the combo of Neptune, lord of faith and con men, liars and saint, and the asteroid Chiron, who rules gifted teachers and healers, as well as the maverick, traveling together. This can bring some unlikely partnerships and some of the worst sorts of people can turn over a new leaf and find redemption. On the other hand, despicable creeps can take a bunch of really nice, trusting people for a terrible ride. You have this in your solar 4th house of home, family, real estate ventures, antiques, foundations and your past. Someone in your family can find enlightenment. You might be sold a piece of property that is not what it appears and be taken for a great deal of money. If you have grandparents and they need some help around the house, go help them. Encourage them to tell you the stories behind some of the items you find while you are cleaning out the closet. Most keepsakes have a story and learn it while you have time.

Your solar 5th house has the planet of genius and chaos rubbing shoulders with a lunar point designating things which are best left behind you. This point is very tricky and while it does have a good side, few people are evolved enough to have it manifest benevolently for them. When it does it is your benevolent talisman and your magic charm all rolled into one. Combine this with the most quirky planet in the cosmos and some interesting things are liable to ensue. This solar house rules your kids, specifically your first born. Latent genius resides here, but so does unrestrained rebellion and a desire to create chaos.

This solar house also rules your love life, but not those loves which you have a committed bond. Think of James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and ďthe one that got awayĒ, as well as the one that you were so damn lucky to get away from because they were balls out crazy. And with these two energies here, the last part is a definite possibility. Genius gone wrong, rebellion turning into anarchyÖthat kind of thing.

Finally, this place in the solar chart is also your creative potential. The latent talent I spoke of above could be yours. You may have inherited a gift of some sort, or learned an amazing skill from one of your parents, grandparents or other old sage. Artists, metallurgists, sculptors, writers, dancers, singers, musicians and even computer gurus can all fall here, as long as it is creative. Develop these talents, the Universe is requesting you not waste them. Flaunting them is also not a good option. Using them for the greatest good, that is always favored by the Universe.

If you are married or involved in a business partnership, you and your partner will have an emotional connection that can result in your being able to sell anything you make together for a great deal of money or become leaders in your field. You and your best friend, which may also be your spouse, will be able to finish one anotherís sentences to a level that might become annoying.

If you are looking for a live partner, get a puppy, borrow your sisterís toddler and go to the park. Nurturing times will come to you like flies to honey. If you arenít really looking for nurturers, then taking a cooking or decorating class, visiting a swamp (which sounds kind of creepy, but think New Orleans, not ďSwamp ThingĒ).

Your ruler Jupiter is now within its own Home house, the 9th, in your solar chart. This is an extremely helpful auspice and one that will hopefully save you from the more dire potentials in your 2014 chart. This house rules second marriages, so if you would like to get remarried, there is a very good possibility that you will. Take a trip to somewhere far away, like overseas, for business or pleasure or take or teach a college course, you can meet someone in either place.

International business is a positive potential for you now and you can make a nice profit as long as the people with whom you are dealing are trustworthy. Attorneys and doctors can be helpful. If you are in college either of these areas of expertise can be open to you.

Elementally, your year is ruled by a great deal of feeling and drive, because you have an overabundance of fire in your chart. In fact it pretty much burns out everything else, which isnít necessarily good. Quit trying so hard. If you are on a path that you are expending too much energy for little reward, you probably need to rethink your plan. This will give you extra magnetism and bring you offers. Work very hard on being practical because this isnít going to come natural to you this year. You also may have trouble making up your mind, which will not play well with your lack of practical side and even your imagination is a little less than imaginative. You have plenty of drive and you should enlist someone with an abundance of earth signs in their chart to help you decide what your best options are.

You have a year ahead of you that can be one of the best of your life if you put forth the effort and utilize your inherent gifts. Under no circumstances should you get involved in a less than well thought out, or get rich quick scheme. These might pan out for you in the short run but you will not benefit from them for the long term. If you can jump in and get out quickly, then you should do it. Otherwise, steer clear.

I hope you will have an absolutely fabulous year, with fun and prosperity raining down on your world. Please remember to say a prayer for those who are less fortunate, especially the kids with cancer.

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