Pisces (February 19-March 20)
October 2014 Monthly Horoscopes

Mercury will be retrograde in Aries from the 4th through the 25th of this month. This will likely cause you some annoyances regarding any travels you are taking, especially those which will be of a great distance. Plan for delays and make sure to get everywhere with plenty of time to spare to avoid missing connections.

For those in college, your computer may cause you all kinds of problems. If yours quits, you probably want to borrow one until the middle of November because this month will not be a good month to buy any kind electronics.

The most exciting astrological happening this month is a major eclipse in the form of a total lunar eclipse which will occur at 15 degrees of Aries on the 8th. This eclipse is going to light up your financial sector, which is going to affect your fluid resources. If you have a partner in your business, or are married, this could cause a change in cash flow. Perhaps your resources will take an upswing, as this is a very potent energy.

This house also pertains to your value system. Eclipses will bring things out in the open so all the world can see, so be sure you donít have anything to hide. Lunar eclipses of this caliber will cause some emotional moments.

The partial solar eclipse is reiterating the Mercury retrograde energy, which spoke to foreign travel as well as colligate studies. This is also an area that relates to in-laws and the law in general. This solar eclipse is not as potent as the lunar eclipse on the 8th, but because it sits so high in our solar chart, it may be just as important. Someone who has influence in your life may make an announcement that will affect you personally on this date. Or you may be put on some sort of public display, maybe your 15 minutes of fame, will happen.

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Pisces (February 19-March 20)
2014 Yearly Horoscopes

Often when I write to you I wish to say things which would be, letís say, overly honest. Yes, dear Pisces, I actually can be harsher than I sometimes am. Scary is it not? I know you are a sensitive soul, and I will honor this as much as possible. But I also know you can sometimes be a bit deluded. You just donít wish to see it or feel it or do it so you pretend like it doesnít exist. For the love of God, quit that please. You drive the practical earth signs to distraction and make the fire signs snort blazing embers. Not to say that the dirt signs do not ignore things, it is just that we do it better than anyone because we bury it out in the gardenÖin the dark of night where we can deal with it personally but donít have to acknowledge it openly. The combustable signs? Well, they just flare up and obliterate anything they find uncomfortable or distasteful. However, you, my fishy friends, drag it into the depths where the water is murky and just conveniently forget where you put it. Donít feel bad. The blow hard signs do essentially the same thing as you, but they take get rid of it by yapping it to death. Everyone has their armor.

2014 is a year which you will be more distracted than normal. Your ruler is giving you an additional dose of ambiguity, and either you are coming across to others in a vague manner and confusing them, or you are not sure of yourself for some reason.

During Neptuneís retrograde time it is best for those with strong influences from this planet and the sign Pisces to take extra time to make decisions. Muddled thinking is very probable and there could be developments in some area of your life which are not readily seen that can make decisions you make less optimal than if you had waited until the end of the year. Therefore, take the most decisive actions in your life either during the first five months of 2014, or wait until December or early 2015.

You will be visited by the ghost of ephemeral wounds which cannot be adequately discerned but which will haunt you just the same. This isnít likely to be a helpful addition. The best outcome I can think of is that you will take a leadership role either looking after those who are infirm (possibly needing a wheelchair), or you will need some extra help yourself getting around. Hey, you know what, that is absolutely not a big deal. Houses can be augmented, bathrooms upgraded, kitchen counters lowered, all of this is doable. As long as you keep your wits about you there is nothing to worry about other than a little dust from the modifications. Donít get all freaked out and move to some creepy communal place in a fit of fear. Keep your autonomy as long as you can, unless you actually were into the communal thing in the 60ís and want to do it again. You know what else? People love you. If you need a little help I will lay odds you can find someone pleased as punch to give you a room. You already have those big, luminous fish eyes making everyone want to coddle you, just donít overuse it so they decide to sautť you in butter.

Uranus is hanging out in your money house this year. This can go either way. If you need to make a good living, computers, electronics and inventive types of things will be the most lucrative. Doesnít hurt if you are a genius, and if you are, you can get a really lucrative assignment, contract or other opportunity now.

If you have an older child (first born) who has a lot of talent, you two need to mix it up. You have an inventive spirit and some truly gifted insights. They have pure talent. Put them together and you can come up with enough money to see you both into a higher tax bracket. Oh, and if you and this particular child usually donít do any more than yank one anotherís fur out at holiday gatherings (i.e. you behave like animals) you will make twice as much money if you donít kill each other. Good luck with that.

You need to get out of your neighborhood to get the goodies of life this year. The south node is insisting you travel a little further afield. However, you should take a piece of home with you. Someone to nurture you, or maybe you just need a nice big homey RV that you can pack up with all the quilts and fluffy accoutrements that make you feel comfortable. Oh, and donít forget the fish tank. All Pisceans should have a fish tank, even if you just keep kelp and seaweed.

Your eldest child may cost you a lot of money this year (assuming you donít hit the big time with them as I mentioned above). This kid has a gift. Please do whatever it takes to see that they develop it. Every single piece of flesh on this planet has a gift, some are small, some large and some have several tiny ones that when put into a bundle makes a truly amazing specimen of humanity (oddly these people are called polymaths). I think the worst thing we can do in this life is hold someone back. The second worst thing we can do is push someone towards something you want and they donít.

In some cases this amazing talent is your own. A conflict or competition may cause you to hone your skill to a fine edge this year. Or you might find a comrade in arms to collaborate with and open up one anotherís view, expanding both of your potential.

You will have many opportunities to date this year, people who are probably fun and may even have some influence. However if you are looking for a permanent life mate you wonít likely find one while you are out on the town having a good time. Your best potential for a long term romance comes at work or with someone you meet while out running errands. Another option would be someone you get to know at the doctor or veterinarianís office.

You have some animal magnetism tugging at you. There will be an impetus to do things that may make little intuitive sense. This overt energy is trying to pull you into some larger activity: One that will likely take you far from your home and try and impose discipline and/or dogma upon you. Doesnít sound that great to me either, but we canít summit the hill if we donít decide to climb the thing in the first place. You may be rewarded for your efforts, but Saturn is in attendance and I wouldnít trust him to know what it is you really want even on his best day, mostly because Saturn isnít really about caring in general. This is likely something that will only pay off in the distant future. Yes, you should probably do it, but donít expect to enjoy yourself. This is a bit of a sticky wicket. If you are young and get an opportunity to go to college, then you really are supposed to go. It will pay off in the future at a time when nothing else can save you. On the other hand, if you are older and are offered an assignment in a foreign country, make sure they are paying you upwards of triple your salary before you acquiesce.

You may find you have some powerful friends this year, or one whose office is located upon the banks of the river Styx. You can tell the difference pretty easily and do whatever it takes to ascertain if they are a creep or not. This same potential may manifest with your oldest child. If your kid is a teenager and you live in a place where gangs are a problem, make sure your child doesnít begin hanging out with these types.

If you are someone who likes belonging to clubs and groups this year might be the year to join one if you wish to rub elbows with someone important. Avoid anyone who appears fixated on you however.

You have some lovely secrets this year. You might have a secret love, or just find an extremely satisfying intellectual endeavor. The best option points to both.

I hope you will have an absolutely fabulous year, with fun and prosperity raining down on your world. Please remember to say a prayer for those who are less fortunate, especially the kids with cancer.

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