December 2012 Highlights

Hello dear ones. So we are at the end of 2012. I hope it has been a prosperous year for you and exceedingly happy. Let’s see what the cumulative month of December has in store, shall we?

The 1st is a nice night for an office gathering or friendly party of some sort. People will be feeling the spirit of the season, bosses will be generous and there will be opportunities to make amends or start over with a relationship that you thought was long over. Those looking for a second marriage could be put in contact with their future spouse in a very startling or unusual way. Never give up on love, even if you chose badly the first time, or if you grew up wrongly together after time. Life is easier with a friend and lover than it is without, so in this very spectacularly loving season, while you gaze at the lights and snowflakes, be looking askance for someone with twinkling eyes just for you.

Uranus will move into direct motion on the 13th after having been retrograde since mid July. This will be very good for those ruled by this quirky planet or who have it prominently positioned in their natal chart. If you have had some sort of a mental block or could not seem to work around a problem at work or within a relationship, Uranus moving forward could bring an sudden or exciting alternative into your thoughts or predicament that causes things to move forward with alacrity.

Because Israel and Palestine are at it again, and because Hanukkah is on the 9th, I would say there will be a few sudden and unexpected developments. Let us all pray that they are able to find a way to peacefully end their difficulties. Even better, to quit trying to constantly kill each other; this fight has been going on long enough. Quit throwing bombs, stay on your side of the line and just be docile human beings will ya? There is nothing wrong with defending yourself, so whoever starts it is entirely at fault. No one expects the entire world to get along with each other but annihilation of a culture isn’t an option.

Uranus is currently in the sign of Aries, which as I have said before is a volatile place for it to be. The significance of this in war is obvious and the energy is the epitome of one that goes “boom”. Innovative strategies for war also fall into this arena. Bravery is in vogue and maybe someone will be brave enough to call a halt to some of the evil doings in the world.

Uranus is one of the few planets that tend to show itself on the exact date it makes some sort of move. Therefore, you may be in for a surprise on the 13th, or perhaps the 19th when Venus in Sagittarius will give Uranus a sweet little hug. Uranus and Venus together is indicative of sudden romantic encounters, so make sure and look your best for all Christmas soirees.

Additionally, on the 20th Jupiter and Pluto get into the holiday spirit allowing us to make an adjustment to our plans, though for a few who have a relationship between Jupiter and Pluto in their natal chart it will mean alterations will be required with regard to their life plan. Money is often intermingled amongst the combined energies of Jupiter and Pluto, so maybe the stock market will find a little rebound in its heart. Though Jupiter will make this same alignment with Saturn on the 22nd, which actually is a rather crummy energy. The only positive about this one is that it can lighten up the negativity of Saturn.

On the 26th Saturn will team up with Pluto to overcome a mutual obstacle. Those newly designated with a position of increased power may test it or be asked to truly get to work on the goals which have been agreed upon previously. If an accord is not met or not working out, perhaps there will be a need for further clarification and even an ending if there appears to be no navigable way forward. The end of the year is often a time when accomplishments are reviewed and rewarded, so this energy will help us all put a favorable foot forward into the coming year.

Christmas Eve is rather quiet but Christmas Day makes up for the diffused vibe of the 24th. Mars will move into Aquarius on the 25th which may have Santa bringing you something for Christmas which you are very excited about or that is exceedingly unexpected.

New Year’s Eve has an exciting and sexy energy associated with it. This explosive energy would be nicely played out viewing a fireworks display. Sudden attractions are very much in the stars. Perhaps with someone that you have been unable to get out of your head since you met them.

As always, I will try and have the Yearly Overview up in the first couple of weeks of January in lieu of a January horoscope.

November 2012 Highlights

Mercury will begin its retrograde motion in Sagittarius on the 6th, Election Day in the United States. Expect lines, delays, miscounts and confusion at the polls and into the evening as they are tallied. Mercury will be retrograde until the 26th so it will taint the biggest shopping day of the year. Buy computers, electronics and anything with a motor at your own risk. Don’t sign documents/contracts. Plan for significant delays while traveling (like this is different than any other Thanksgiving holiday) however it may be a bit worse than usual.

We also have a solar and lunar eclipse this month. Ancient astrologers said that “kings will fall” when there is an eclipse, which can’t be entirely accurate, as one individual’s loss is probably another’s gain. Still yet, a solar eclipse can bring news of fateful events involving prominent people, or at least prominent people in your life. This is a publicly oriented energy and as such brings about major announcements of varying types. Sometimes this can be in reference to your job and this month it potentially has to do with changes within your local and national government due to elections if you live in the United States of America.

The total solar eclipse will occur in Scorpio at 21 degrees and 56 minutes on the 13th. Therefore if you are a Scorpio or have Scorpio as the sign of one of your personal planets or your ascendant this eclipse will be more important for you and most especially if you have a planet or your ascendant at 21 degrees (of Scorpio). Sometimes eclipses do not affect us on the day they occur as potently as they can when that degree is triggered by a passing planet, especially Mars, the planet of action. Mars is a triggering mechanism and Saturn should end the event sequence of the eclipse. Therefore it is conceivable that it could be many years before the consequences of an eclipse manifests, which tends to get a bit cumbersome to attend to after a while. I would only worry about this kind of thing if you have the sun, moon or your ascendant at 21 degrees of Scorpio.

The total solar eclipse will be seen in Australia, Auckland and New Zealand (on the 14th there). Parts of Chile will see a partial eclipse. Therefore these countries will likely be more affected by this eclipse from an event perspective. With regard to these events, Scorpio doesn’t tend to do anything in half measure. Research, investigation, obsession, focus, passion and desire, coveting, altruism, executives, security and power are just a few of the keywords of Scorpio. Saturn, the lord of time, cruelty and stoicism is also currently in the sign of Scorpio, as is the axis of Scorpio and Taurus harboring the nodes. This is a lot of Scorpio to take on and as I told Scorpio in their monthly horoscope last month, this is not going to be pleasant. The Universe has a precise message for your sign and you are to learn it. There is not an option of failure so be very sure of where you tread these next two years, for if you are on an untoward path your designation will be thoroughly corrected for all time by the end of 2014.

On the 28th, the moon will follow suit into an eclipse in Gemini, not Scorpio’s axis of Taurus. This is the final eclipse in the sign of Gemini wrapping up the eclipse pattern of that axis. While Gemini is known as one of the lighter hearted, funny signs of the zodiac, you are now brought into association with a solar eclipse in Scorpio. Scorpio is the antithesis of frivolous and airy. There is some element of your life and person which has not evolved to the level it was supposed to, or some event which is still needed to clarify your life from this point forward. Lunar eclipses are very personal in nature. Secrets which you might have preferred to keep under wraps can spew forth like a geyser. Gemini tends towards knowledge of a general sort, preferring to know a little bit about a lot of things. This is often where Gemini’s get tripped up (that and their propensity for talking about others ad naseum). In depth learning of one or two subjects is perhaps a way to avoid a thump by the Universe, or maybe just minding your own business could keep you from a slap up-side the head. Endings and announcements are often the result of eclipses, and with regard to lunar eclipses, endings within the family or your personal sphere are definite potentials.

The penumbral lunar eclipse will occur at 6 degrees and 46 minutes of Gemini and can be seen best in Australia and parts of Asia. Gemini rules networks and communications, local travel, mobility and all methods of conveyance, K through 12 education and teachers, the superficial, opposites and dualism, gossiping, those whose tongue is forked and those who are the jack of all trades and the master of none. Again, be more wary of this eclipse if you have personal planets in Gemini at 4 or 5 degrees.

On the 15th Saturn will be put out with Uranus and on the 16th Mars will move into Capricorn. This will be a dicey couple of days full of irritability and even discord. Mars will now demand that there be more structure and planning before things may be accomplished. Proof will be demanded of the relevance of designs and projects. Do the means justify the ends or are we just placating people with empty promises instead of making the difficult decisions. Austerity measures are being taken all over the globe to reign in fiscal extravagance and stupidity. Those in power need to get real or go home and some will be asked to do so unless they can prove that their plans have had relevant and lasting positive impacts on outcomes, both social and fiscal.

There will be some deviance from tradition due to Saturn and Uranus demanding adjustment. Uranus is in a position of lessened power due to its retrograde status, so the establishment and older folks will have a bit of an upper hand this month. However, Uranus will resume forward motion on the 13th of December and then the adjustments will go in both directions. Fair play always finds a path in this Universe, sometimes it just takes time, and sometimes people run out of time before they witness it on this plane of existence. Nevertheless, the pendulum always has and always will swing to the extremes before it finds a happy medium.

October 2012 Highlights

Saturn moving into Scorpio is the biggest news of the month; check out Saturn into Scorpio if you dare. [Spooky cackling laughter in the background.] This energy isn’t anything to be chuckled at, and if you read the news or watch it at all you should understand the significance to which I contribute this.

Saturn in Scorpio is a very noteworthy item taken alone, but when it is coupled with Pluto in Capricorn, its mutual reception, we have some very overt energies afoot. Read the Saturn in Scorpio article, it isn't that long.

I do feel compelled to speak briefly to the younger set (those of you under 40). I know you come here to find out what wondrous feats await you this month. The woman of your dreams is waiting in the wings for you. The man you always wanted will call you this week. You will find hidden gold bullion under your porch…blah, blah, blah. I ardently hope these things happen for you. However, I want you to do something for me, my lovely friends, perhaps more based in the mundane and involving the long term issues we face as planetary co-dwellers. Go read the news.

Go find no less than three news sites and just read the headlines if that is all you can tolerate. If something catches your attention read the full article (not the headlines about the celebrity that got wasted and was found naked in the neighbor’s BBQ pit). I was in college once (never was I found naked anywhere though and believe me, I knew how to party). Though I do remember not ever seeing the news on purpose unless I went home for the weekend. However, I don’t think you will fully fathom this website (or life on this planet) unless you read or watch the news, at least every two weeks for around 30 minutes each time. Plus, you’ll be able to converse with latitude with your Mom and Dad or the boss and prove to them you are worthy of attention, and maybe an increase in your allowance or a promotion.

The day before the whole Saturn thing hits the fan (5th), Jupiter goes retrograde. This build-up of energies is slated to bring about more interesting times. Jupiter is the purported good guy of the zodiac and he is disappearing while the lord of malevolence takes over. Bummer man. Jupiter is not going to go forward until around the beginning of February 2013 so don’t look for his help any time soon. Jupiter retrograde doesn’t mean the greater benefic is completely out of commission, but it does mean that he will be less willing to assist, at least overtly, unless you have Jupiter retro natally (which means you will be sitting pretty now).

In totality, Jupiter’s retrograde status by default gives Saturn more power, and because there is a mutual reception involving Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn, every single bad guy in the zodiac is basically doing the mamba together in perfect 4/4 time. This isn’t good. But, it isn’t a total loss either assuming everyone involved is attuned to a “higher calling”. Yeah, that’s reality…[sigh]

Therefore, we must think about a mutant being, half Borg, a quarter Romulan and a quarter Vulcan. They can get things done, but I wouldn’t want to be their flat mate when they’ve had a bad day. Obsessive discipline and structure, diabolical envy and planning par excellence are part of this energy.

There was a square between Saturn and Pluto on 9/1/1939 (4:45 am according to Wiki) when the Nazi's invaded Poland. Saturn is in the sign Pluto rules and Pluto is in the sign Saturn rules culminating in a mutual reception. [Hey fellow astrologers with Wiki access, please clean up this article, it is a bit of a mess].

A mutual reception is every bit as potent and even longer lasting than a mere Saturn/Pluto transit. Nah, no need to be alarmed. Enemies will just want to kill us for longer and execute it more subtly. Yeah, I know, this is not exactly breaking news but these planetary alignments are signaling to us and we would do well to listen. Alliances between foes are likely being made, mutual hate is a very potent thing. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend". This is both an Arab and a Chinese proverb.

Saturn will be in Scorpio until the tail end of 2014. The positive side of this is the structures that are built during this time will be exceptionally sound, but there will be little excess, little novelty. Think of the “pyramid of needs”, this energy is about basic food and shelter, not about frivolous and elegant accoutrements.

Scorpio can be associated with vast wealth, and Saturn does have a hand in “old money” and the establishment. So I expect there will be an element of these types in the mix. Might be nice if they stick to benevolent works (instead of world domination) as the other side of this vibe and the kind of austerity it entails will bring forth the need for generosity of spirit for the survival of the “least” among us. Not the least important, but those who are the least able to help themselves, through no fault of their own.

On a much lighter note, this month looks quite sweet from the love aspect of things. The 3rd has Venus moving into Virgo, which isn’t very romantic but it is very practical and helpful in the way they take care of those they love. Nurses are the best one word descriptor of Venus in Virgo (and not nurse Ratchet, but the nurses that will sit by your bedside when you really can’t make it alone). I’ve known lots of them. God bless them all.

Secret affairs do have some play this month (with Neptune being active), but it certainly doesn’t look like easy alliances. Secrets are always a little difficult, as are instances when someone is pretending to be something they aren’t. That doesn’t negate their being sweet, at least on the surface. If you meet someone who seems “all that” and you happen to be attached to a fairly lucrative bankroll, take a minute or a couple of weeks, and just breathe. The Saturn in Scorpio energy as well as that of Pluto in Capricorn are quite avarice, to the point of being predatory. Don’t do anything impulsive, like move in with them and give them complete access to your checking account. Give it some time and enjoy the sweetness while it is offered.

There are a couple of fabulous, but short term energies happening on the 9th. These are some of the best kinds of vibes in existence. There is little potential for going completely overboard with the other more somber energies in play and even if you do, it shouldn’t be earth shatteringly negative due to its short duration.

The 9th, give or take a couple of days on either side, is an excellent time to schedule an interview, meet with an investor or be given an award or major assistance from someone of significant influence. And if the business end doesn’t play out for you there is a definite possibility for romance. Not mild flirty romance, but intense, consuming desire. These are the kinds of pairings that cause the heart to go pitter-patter, even 20 years afterwards when the moment is merely a memory.

By the end of the month Venus will get a lot more romantic as it slides into its home sign of Libra. Money will flow more easily and friends will be a welcome part of the scenario. Beginning a partnership now could be very auspicious, especially if you both are dedicated to what you are doing and are not afraid of working very, very hard. Huge blessings will be given to those who do.

September 2012 Highlights

September will be full of action and anticipation, with several small exchanges involving Venus, as well as some big bad vibes involving Pluto. We’ll start off with the friendly vibes of Venus, since those will be in play first.

The first two weeks of September will bring with it the Venusian element and therefore a good bit of romance and financial opportunity. The 3rd is a little austere, but you can overcome this by working hard and being diligent, thereby making some much needed cash or ridding yourself of a debt to a friend.

The 6th has Venus moving into creative, arrogant and romantic Leo for a few weeks. Leos will have a very nice upturn in social life and compliments. The rest of us will be inclined to buy status oriented things or attend events which put us in the limelight. A few of us will be of a more amorous frame of mind and someone that you have a major crush on may divulge they feel the same way about you! You might go on a date that gives you dreamy memories for a lifetime.

If the first week doesn’t bring you romance, you have another big chance for love in unexpected places around the 13th. Perhaps you will run into an old flame and decide to get reacquainted during a weekend in the sun. Or you might meet someone new who makes your heart thump and can lighten your mood with merely a smile. There are also indicators that you will be amazed by discovering that someone important thinks very highly of you and would like to spend more time with you. This can include either a romantic connection, or a professional one.

Now on to the big guns moving about in the heavens. Pluto will go direct on the 18th at nearly the same time there is an exact square between Uranus and Pluto. They were also exact during June of this year and have been in close proximity to being so aligned since mid-August. The Uranus/Pluto alignment has been toying with us intermittently since the summer of 2010, so this isn’t a new energy. This vibe will also seem like a familiar whisper on the wind for those born between autumn 1962 and autumn 1968 (approximately, depending on how large of an orb you use). Incidentally, the last time there was a square between these two planets we were experiencing the Great Depression.

This is a very cataclysmic energy when found in a major aspect like those I just mentioned. The planet of intrinsic change, the innovative genius and chaotic rebel par excellence vs. the planet of profound transformation and commanding domination. Nah, this isn’t a big deal at all…

While this is a rather rebellious energy at heart, those of the age cohort mentioned above (1962-1968) may be drawn together for an innately felt cause. This age group carries the effects and influence of the last months of the Baby Boomer generation (arguably it concluded at the end of 1964) and the beginnings of the “Gen X’ers”. I have heard this Uranus conjunct Pluto group referred to as the “Children of the Rainbow Bridge”. Supposedly they are the mediators for all the other generations. Think whatever you like, but I do know that these folks are here to play a part in ushering in and implementing a new world order; especially those born in 1965 and 1966.

Those with Uranus conjunct Pluto nataly are not to be ignored and will move heaven and earth to make their mark upon this world. If you can pull them out of their disinterest and cynicism, that is. Like it or not, they hold the keys to solving or exacerbating the world’s problems for the current times. I would go all Biblical on you, but I won’t. Seekers will figure it out if they are meant to do so. I’m just a seed planter, not my responsibility to make them grow, that’s God's Domain.

The world is no longer an isolated place and there is less and less room for prejudice and stereotypes. The younger generations get this, whereas the older ones don’t seem to do as well. Which is in and of itself also a stereotype. Sorry. That has been my personal experience, if it hasn’t been yours, then so be it. Regardless, the world is getting smaller and smaller. According to my Google app that gives me random facts, there are 400,000 people born every day and 140,000 die. All those newbies will be spilling over into any empty space they can find, including your backyard.

Freedom. Everybody (except the despots and oppressors) wants it and the western world beckons to those who don’t have it. It is incumbent upon those of us who have it to assist those who don’t, but not to the detriment of our own economies (unless of course they threaten our way of life). The best hope for us all is to assist reasonable leaders into power in those countries who don’t have such. That way the formerly oppressed can live in their own country and utilize their own, often vast, resources for their own gain and the benefit of us all in the long run. Those of us who live in freedom owe it to the burgeoning economies to teach them successful methods of doing things. Maybe while we are at it we can teach them about a more reasonable belief system. One that allows people to be who they want to be and that does not discriminate against women or religious beliefs. [Oh hush…I can Hope can’t I?] Maybe if we all Hope and Pray the same thing we will achieve an ideal Jesus would be proud of inspiring.

This is my prayer for September and, as always, if you enjoy my website I ask that you pray for a cure for cancer. Please watch Eric's Goodbye if you need insight and motivation.

August 2012 Highlights

August is going to be rather eerily quiet, with a couple of days where so little is going on in the cosmos that there is apt to be a lot of empty headedness on planet Earth. Though, sometimes when the energies slow down to this degree there is one very prominent issue on our minds crowding out most other activities and thoughts: Nevertheless, be on dumb-dumb alert until mid month. This is partially due to Mercury, the planet of intellect, being retrograde until the 8th and we have to give it another week to get back to zooming along at its normal pace. While Mercury is still retrograde and slow we are given a chance to digest a proposition or prospect before we make a definitive decision, which is a plus. Any life altering pronouncements should be avoided until at least the 16th, and perhaps even until Uranus goes direct in December due to the propensity for there to be shocks and surprises associated with it.

Venus, the planet of love and beautification, will move into Cancer on the 7th, giving that sign a decisive boost. Satisfaction can be attained by buying accoutrements for your home and financial situations regarding real estate can bring lucrative results. Do a little shopping for yourself if you can, focusing on things that make your home more comfortable. Cooking meals at home, maybe even planning a lovely dinner party if you enjoy playing hostess, will also bring you luck and happy moments.

The 23rd will signal a surge in energy which will be much appreciated after the 21st brings a very dreary day our way. Mars will enter Scorpio, a sign it co-rules, so it is quite at home and can operate much more effectively. However, this level of intensity will not be comfortable for some and can produce aggression if mishandled. Scorpio’s will benefit from the adrenaline rush to a greater degree than the rest of us, but will also be prone to more mishaps as well. Heat related illness, muscle pulls or sprains and even altercations between hotheads are possible.

The other thing Mars in Scorpio does is bring very strong sexual vibes. End of summer flings will be steamier and more memorable to be sure. Obsession is an apt adjective as is passion. Be careful on whom you bestow lingering looks as sparks can ignite spontaneously.

If you need some extra “uumph” to get you started on an arduous project, you can find it from the 23rd into the first week of October. This should nicely cover the back to school fervor as well as rev everyone up for the upcoming holiday season.

July 2012 Highlights

A change of venue and support is on its way, which began with Jupiter moving from Taurus into Gemini last month, a station where it is in its detriment. Jupiter being in detriment is not as detrimental as perhaps Saturn being ill positioned. Jupiter is very good at overcoming most obstacles with aplomb. Gemini’s will still feel the positive vibe it will create for them for the next year.

The second movement we need to attend to is that of Mars into Libra, also a placement of detriment. Due to the weakness of these two planetary placements, it stands to reason if you felt the death knells in some area of your life, the time for endings is now. Mars is our energy planet and because it is in its detriment the dog days of summer will be lazier and perhaps more relaxing.

If the door of love closes in your life, now is the time to look for a window. Mars in Libra is a fairly romantically inclined energy and contributes to a good number of summer romances. This is because Mars in Libra is a very idealistic energy, as well as being somewhat attraction eliciting, though most people don’t hold up well over time if expectations are too high, explaining the duration of many a summer fling. Nevertheless, this is an excellent auspice for mutual attraction at its finest and will lead to a number of opportunities for romance.

Mars in Libra has several areas where it excels, including increased visual acumen, scientific discovery, artistic taste and the fields of surgery and legal areas. If Mars is afflicted in your natal chart, legal outcomes become bleaker and if you can avoid a surgery until fall, you might want to do so, unless it would be harmful to put it off that long. Also, Mars afflicted here can cause separations and splits in both domestic situations and business partnerships.

There will be two retrogrades initiated this month, one by Uranus and the other by Mercury. These two planets are very intellectual in nature, as is Jupiter who as I mentioned is in its detriment now. Sadly, the consequences of this are that there could be a lot of stupid going on this summer: Which really isn’t that different from any other summer. For my Aussie friends, obviously this refers to your winter.

Uranus will go retrograde on the 13th and Mercury will follow suit on the 15th. Uranus will go direct on December 14th and Mercury will go direct on August 9th. These two planets have a lot to do with electronics, computers, electrical power and travel, especially air travel when Uranus is included. Expect delays and detours when making your travel plans and get an app for that. Electrical problems might be a concern in some vehicles but routine maintenance is a must for all. Hopefully the government will be on top of any power grid problems. Uranus can contribute to the earth getting the “shakes” too, but there isn’t much of a way to prepare for that so don’t worry about it.

For those actively seeking romance, the 4th is a good time to be out and about browsing. There is a brief but exciting transit afoot that will send a few hearts fluttering. Instant attractions will be all the rage and sudden couplings are potentials. Impulse shopping will also be exacerbated and some of you could find an enormously good buy. Just make sure you have the ability to take it back in case the impending Mercury retrograde rears its head early.

As the end of the month nears there will be a few healthier energies to note. People in power will need to start making adjustments and perhaps planning for the ending of their tenure. Communication, intelligence and truth are likely culprits if a demise is imminent. Always, as the power pendulum swings out for one side it swings into someone on the other. If the gift of command lands in your lap, make sure you are ready to use it rightly.

Lastly, there is a happy transit escorting us into August which will boost morale and bring a happy dance to many feet. If you know the correct answer, speak up! If you see an injustice, mitigate it! If you want someone for your own, tell them! If you have never traveled far afield, Go! Taking action, as long as it is Right Action, will bless you now. Don’t overthink things, and follow your hunches, they will pay off for you. Serendipity lurks!

June 2012 Highlights

June has a few interesting movements coming our way, bringing changes in our personal atmospheres. First up is a retrograde motion from Neptune on the 4th which will continue until early November. Neptune is the planet of romance, mystery, synchronicity, inspiration, faith, liars, con-men and religious fanatics. The effects of Neptune are extremely subtle and if you don’t have a strong signature from Neptune or Pisces in your chart you may not be greatly impacted by its retrograde motion, at least so that you immediately notice.

Neptune does have an impact on the world arenas which it influences, but because of its slow movement and nebulous nature often the consequences are not immediately seen or the opportunities acted upon in time. Large bodies of water, such as seas and oceans are definitely part of its sphere. Therefore, all industry involving the oceans, such as fishing, shipping, etc., can be negatively impacted by a retrograde Neptune. Retrogrades are not all bad though, sometimes they can allow people to rethink an issue or redo something which is not working out as planned: Which in the realm of Neptune might give us time to stop any negative potential and convert the positive ones to benefits. Just remember that those who have Neptune/Pisces as a major player in their natal charts may not be at their best while their ruler is underground. These people might want to do some meditating and further research on any major, life altering endeavor and wait until the winter to move forward on it. Health problems can arise too.

Also on the 4th there will be a partial lunar eclipse in Sagittarius at 14 degrees. Lunar eclipses have more influence on our personal life than our public life. For Sagittarians or those greatly influenced by Jove there could be a very emotional moment. If your moon is in Sagittarius this is even more likely. Sagittarius rules those who are unmarried, as well as colligate studies, international business and freedom. The world could hear a loud cry from the oppressed or perhaps a lonely unmarried person in your family will show up on your door looking for attention. Your natal chart will give much better insight as to what might occur. I’ll discuss how it looks for your solar chart in the monthlies.

Jupiter will move into flighty, funny and friendly Gemini on the 11th. I have written a little ditty on this already, so you can Click Here to read it.

The 24th and 25th, plus or minus a week or month either way (yeah, long duration energies here, need to look for triggers in your natal chart to better identify the timing) have several major energies afoot. Best news is that Saturn will go direct after having been retrograde since February 7th. Saturn is a big old meanie and going retrograde makes him even grumpier, and slower, so this is a nice event for the Universe.

On the 24th, there is a transiting square between Uranus and Pluto signaling something difficult or at least fraught with frustrations. Uranus is all about being unusual and can go to the extreme of anarchy. Rebellion and chaos are in its repertoire but so is genius and supreme humanity. Pluto on the other hand is all about power. In its darkest forms it is not nice at all and is a harbinger of sadism and death. However it is also what makes us resilient and able to rise from any situation in our lives. Not only do we rise, but we can transform from a lowly little caterpillar into a butterfly. People who were considered down and out can rise and conquer their foes. This is a generational aspect and will likely affect those with Uranus conjunct Pluto (1963-1968, especially 1963-1967) most significantly. Take a good look at the power structures in your world and perhaps oust those who are hiding a sordid underbelly. Uranus also rules air travel, computers and the very young and very old. The prospect of seeing the very young and very old (perhaps also the very odd/weird/unique) accomplish feats never before contemplated due to the subjective views of society that held them back is exhilarating.

Uranus squaring Pluto will be with us for a long time, just like Uranus conjunct Pluto was with us in the 1960’s. If we think back to that time in our history, we know this was the beginning of the counterculture of hippies and free love, and the disillusionment of people after the cold war and finding the soft and bubbly 1950’s were somewhat of a lie. The meeting of these two power player planets in the frustrating and friction making form of a square can signal further disillusionment, perhaps from those in the world who are seeing for the first time how much better some live than they do. This will bring them out of their herd following mentality with a jolt, but it will also threaten some of the blessings the western world holds dear.

Humanitarianism (as indicated by Uranus) can mitigate some of this, but the problems enveloping the third world countries, not the least of which are corrupt governments and the lack of education and abject poverty (Pluto), will not be easily fixed. Education and equality are paramount if we are to win the war in these places. The square between these planets is difficult, but will make those who wish to take on this feat strong through experience and especially innovation.

So, after that little dissertation I must also mention the other conflict (square) between Jupiter and Neptune. These two planets bring miracles, no matter what type of connection they make when they interact. The square is calling on us to imagine the impossible and take a leap of faith to make it so. The Universe and God will show us the way by inspiring us through miracles that those in the scientific world say cannot happen. Magic will abound.

On the other seamier side, there is likely to be some big names and big egos cross over to the cretin side. Under no circumstances should you promise more than you can deliver now. Those to whom you made these promises will be sorely bereft by your lack of follow through and commitment. Approach anyone in your life who tends to be idealistic from a very realistic approach to avoid any disillusionment. Keep your feet planted firmly on planet earth and this particular energy will bring you blessings galore.

May 2012 Highlights

May is a relatively quiet month compared to the prior months of 2012, though there is an eclipse and a semi-potent movement of a few powerful planets.

The biggest issue this month is a solar eclipse which will occur on the 20th in Gemini. There will be one more eclipse in Gemini in November of this year. The issues of this family of Gemini/Sagittarius eclipses are that of generalist verses specialist, stimulation as opposed to gratification and the mundane verses the extraordinary. Gemini is a dualistic sign and brings the ability to see both sides of a story without the need to consign oneself to an association or viewpoint. Gemini is also very amusing and brings anecdotal incidents to the fore which can be the source of joy, even hilarity.

The learning of Gemini is necessary before the depth of education offered by Sagittarius can even occur. Gemini gives us our intellectual foundation which can be built upon and lead to the accumulated wisdom of Sagittarius. Gemini has a dual nature and is said to represent the conflict of our earthly materialistic self verses our spiritual and etheric self. The challenge with Gemini is to move beyond the worldly into the sublime.

Having a solar eclipse here will point out where we are in need of moving beyond the mundane world and see a lot deeper into situations, finding a reason for being other than the next conquest. Gemini’s will feel this eclipse most profoundly, and Sagittarians will feel it more pointedly too.

For the Gemini born you will be given one more chance after this one (in November) to figure out what it is in your life you are not delving deeply enough into, or are treating too lackadaisically. If Sagittarius/Jupiter represents generosity and expansion, then obviously, being opposite it, Gemini/Mercury symbolizes being tightly wound and a bit more practically motivated in its financial outlook. If Gemini sinks into the nether regions it can be very selfish and avarice in nature, just as Sagittarius can be gluttonous and bellicose. Gemini is often depicted as a child and can bring about childish actions. During eclipse patterns we need to be very diligent in avoiding the negative extremes of the signs involved.

A few Gemini’s will receive accolades on the 20th for something they have accomplished that has attained attention and commendation. Usually this will be a personal accomplishment, but due to the dual nature of Gemini it may involve a partner. If you are a twin, have twins in your family or amongst your acquaintance, they may have an announcement of some type.

If you have a good friend who needs a bit of a boost, the day of the eclipse might be a good time to take them out to a comedy club or to a funny movie as Gemini rules laughter (both joyful and maniacal). If your vehicle (auto, bicycle, scooter) has been acting oddly, you might figure out what is wrong with it around the 20th. If you have been juggling two love interests, the eclipse could make up your mind for you as to which one is a keeper. Eclipses, especially solar eclipses tend to bring things out into the light of day, or into the public. Consequently, one of them might find out about the other, or holy drat, they both find out about each other at the same time.

There is one other time during May which can be a bit interesting which is the 15th and 16th, give or take several days on either side. Venus is going to go retrograde on the 15th, in Gemini, which is why love interests and their potentials are worth mentioning. If you buy something on impulse, you may decide during the retrograde period that it is either a piece of junk or it won’t perform the way you wished. Friends can show themselves for the two-faced blight they are during this time. So be careful of what you tell a so called friend (or female in your life) because after Venus goes direct on June 28th, you may hear your words all bent into something their ill-equipped mind conjured up. Gemini rules the mindless gossips of the world, so be aware of this and keep your own communications honest and forthright or the eclipse might nail you too: If not this eclipse, then the culminating one in November.

On the 16th there is a rather sexy vibe going out in the Universe, at least for those looking for such an element in their world. For the rest, you can begin a long overdue project now. Jupiter will also make what is considered a minor aspect to Saturn on this day, which can create further impetus to make some progress. This will not be an easy effort and might even require some muscle.

Others will be forced to make an adjustment, perhaps along a financial vein, this month. For those with a child graduating high school their entrance into college could bring about financial hardship. Other fiduciary arenas are up for issue as well and it appears that someone might be seen personally negligent in some way. For those who have diligently saved and scrimped for many years, this can bring a lovely increase in expendable income.

As a worldly aside, the aforementioned "sexy" energy coming about on the 16th is also indicative of violence in some cases. Mars is not in a particularly violent sign right now, but the criticism elicited can be met with very ugly consequences from destructive and transformative Pluto. Additionally, the inconjunct between Jupiter and Saturn is nothing to ignore. Those who can't adjust some aspect of their life can go off the deep end when these two are combined. There is a sense of inevitability and destiny in this combination of energies, so be aware of it and prepare accordingly. The ending of the high school educational sequence is a rather benign, yet destined and inevitable, example of these vibrations. There are likely to be less benign ones.

April 2012 Highlights

Venus moves into Gemini on the 3rd, so love will be flighty and superficial. Don’t go shopping unless you can afford it because you will be more prone to buy things you don’t need rather than spending your money on things like gas, rent and bread. Those boring necessities.

On the 4th Mercury goes direct, which I did fail to mention last month. Anyway, yea! It is going forward. Try to put off spending money until the second week of the month and you might have a bit more potential for buying bread instead of spending your wad on one meal in a restaurant you can’t afford to eat at and isn’t going to give you enough leftovers to last you the month.

The second week of the month has a number of interesting overtones which show a potential for bringing couples together. This isn’t something that is romantic mon amie. These are more overtly sexy and lustful vibrations than that. This can bring people together who have been rather latent in their expression of desire. In some cases, this can be good if a relationship needs a nudge to proceed to the next level of intimacy. In rarer instances, this can be an earth moving connection between two souls that will never be repeated with anyone else.

However, it can also breed stalkers and rapists. Lock your doors and change your locks if a past lover has gone over the edge of darkness. If someone shows an interest in you which feels creepy, either stay with a friend or get out your weapon of choice. Yes I still advocate we protect ourselves against the dangers of the world. Let the poor airheads who are offended by that prove to us there is no evil walking among us (good luck with that Pollyanna). I'm fine if they are willing to become a sacrifice, saving me and mine. They can put themselves on the front lines handing out welcome baskets to the devil. I'll be sitting somewhere behind them in the forest, locked and loaded.

The reason I am being scary is that on the 10th Pluto goes retrograde, making those who get off on abusing their power try to hide their tracks. Some will be successful. Then on Friday the 13th Mars goes direct. Notwithstanding the cruel potentials of Saturn on an off day, Pluto and Mars are the two other heavy hitters in the underworld. All of these planetary energies have positive attributes, but I’m always a bit circumspect when any of them decide to get together or make a move at the same time.

Pluto, ruler of the nether regions, taxes and death, and Mars, ruler of war, anger and force doing some juxtapositioning at the same time is certainly a cause for pause. This doesn't mean it is inevitable something nasty will happen, but it certainly means we will need to be on high alert.

As Pluto retrogrades it can also signal the underground operations and subversive activities of evil are working to manifest at a latter date. While it is retrograde it can covertly gather more forces and support,then use them as it goes forward in the fall. This can still be under the radar, maybe having a brush with the good guys and evading them at some point then going underground again when Pluto goes retro in April 2013. If anything destructive is to happen during this cycle, it will be in September.

Pluto is a financial planet too, so this tax season could be rather interesting for some. Those who are in dire straits and have a high tax bill could get an extension until the fall, but after that time if they cannot pay, it will mean they could lose their business or worse, their personal assets.

Mars is the sign blessing assertiveness and urges us to initiate things that we want. Often, this energy introduces us to someone who is interested in us; they connect with our wonderful personality and wish to spend more time with us because we are so special.

[Sigh] Yeah, guess again. Maybe this is true. YES, LOVE happens! But often times it isn’t love and with Mars and Pluto dominant I would ask for further proof of altruism and gentleness.

People who are too assertive are sometimes psychopaths or sociopaths, and if they decide they want you, think for a moment about what it is they want From You? A piece of your lovely tail, your talent or your savings is my best guess in the darker areas of possibility. Under these auspices it is about 95/100 that they want something for personal gain or gratification. Few people just want us for Us. If you find that person hold on to them into the next dimension. They are a rare find.

To further elucidate some of the above points; Pluto is the sign of the abuser and kidnapper, and when it goes retrograde, the abuser senses he must back off or be found out. The riddle here is that sometimes, when God is smiling, he has already been detected and from point forward those who might stop him may make their plans to do so. Pluto moving direct in the fall, in a pure world would signal the evil one being caught. In the real world sometimes it takes many a Pluto retrograde to bring the truth forward. Just ask Jaycee Dugard, how many times were people close to rescuing her? Finally she rescued herself (another Pluto attribute). But for many years it did not pan out. When it does you see the transformation which this lady has undergone happen. Transformation is another Pluto keyword; so never think this is an evil planet. All the planets are what we make of them. They all have their dark and their light, their heaven and hell and their yin and yang... Our edict is to manipulate them into gracing us with their positive manifestations. This takes character, strength and a purpose beyond self perpetuation and gratification.

Mars moving forward is great for energizing everyone to begin spring cleaning their space. Mars will also spur heroes to rescue damsels and regular guys who are secretly valiant to actually do something knightly: Even if it causes their buddies down at the job site to make a bit of fun of them come Monday morning. Macho is not a bad thing but macho that thinks treating others like crap and never telling someone they care about them is wrong and pathetic.

If you have someone in your life that you care about, let them know. It doesn’t matter if they care back or if you can even be together. What matters is that another soul knows that you have feelings for them, even if you can do very little besides that to lessen their plight or brighten their heart. Sometimes knowing someone cares is all it takes to keep someone wanting to stay on this planet. Even if they are too far beyond caring if you care, God still knows you care and it matters to Him or Her, whichever you prefer. Feelings are never a waste mis amigos y amigas, they just may not manifest the way you wish. (Remember? Sometimes God says "No"). Eventually though your pure intentions will bring you blessings because love always comes back to you. If you send it out now, it may find you again around September.

March 2012 Highlights

March will come in with a few lion like energies I’m afraid, instead of those of the lamb. The 1st is a wee bit depressing. This is not a strong energy, and nothing is likely to sneak up on you, it will be something you knew was creeping on your doorstep. Any payments you have to make on the 1st could feel more onerous than usual.

To venture further along these lines, if you do find yourself in a difficulty with regard to meeting monetary obligations, you may be able to fall back on an older person in your life, probably a female. But you need to be ready for an “I told you so” moment or a lecture on being more responsible if you do go this route. Some people really know how to contribute to a bad situation don’t they?

Fortunately once we make it through the first few days of the month, there are much better possibilities for some of us. On the 5th Venus will move into one of the signs it rules, Taurus. This is a very natural kind of energy and it can bring those who have practical ideals good luck and opportunities for financial success. The 6th can bring a lovely memory to our hearts, or maybe even a sweet, romantic gesture from someone whom you have secret feelings for, or could have feelings for if the rest of the “stars” align in both your natal charts.

The 13th is a very big day, give or take several days on either side, because Jupiter and Pluto will meet in a big sloppy kiss. There are a number of transits from the moon, also trines, on the 13th, as well as a trine between Venus and Pluto (love affair, forbidden alliance transit). If you have been involved in a romance solely based on financial motive, or if you are dating someone who has been seeing someone on the side, this day could be especially illuminating. This configuration can also bring about financial catastrophe. Trines often set us up for situations we can’t handle, even though we thought we could and told everyone else how fabulous we were. [awkward]

Grandiosity, over optimism and arrogance are the bane of Jupiter/Pluto configurations. These two heavy hitting planets can bring about overestimation in ability and/or extreme extravagance. I would not be giving you all of these dire warnings and would focus entirely on the wonderful potentials if it weren’t for the fact there is such a huge build-up of extreme opportunistic energy. For along with the above mentioned transits, the 14th has a few more to add to the mix.

On the 14th we will have trines between Venus and Jupiter and Mars, as well as trines from Mars to Jupiter and Pluto. So, this is a Huge planetary “trigger” for whatever is set to happen in your life with relation to the major Jupiter/Pluto trine. If you have been living beyond your means or following a path that is incorrect, it is likely you will be reined in now.

Taken alone, these types of faster moving configurations often have to do with overexertion and extreme feats of physical acumen, as well as those of electrifying physical attraction and the thrill of love. Consequently, this can conjure up some interesting times.

Many people will receive the positive results of these energies, and they will know for certain that the Universe wishes to bless them, and bless them well! Some who have endured peril and hardship will be given the go ahead to “rest on their laurels” from this point forward. Think of the people who own a huge amount of interest in a company that goes public, like Facebook just has. They are not overnight sensations, they have been working towards this for some time, and now they will reap rewards for all their efforts and good judgment in contributing to the next new "megafad".

This can happen on a smaller scale as well, and in any number of other areas, though finances will be the most probable due to the propensity for Jupiter and Pluto configurations to be about money. Combine this with Venus moving into Taurus, which is definitely materialistic ad nauseum when taken in its less evolved forms, the deck is stacked for a financial target.

If you have been out of a job and at the end of your rope, you can hear of a wonderful opportunity, and could perhaps be contacted by a person of influence who can give you a chance to work at the job of your dreams: And make the kind of money you deserve.

This energy can also be a harbinger of an epic love affair. Imagine the most romantic and breathtaking love story and take it up a notch.

This is not a grouping of energy signatures to be taken lightly. Whatever happens in your lives at this time will be significant, certain and profound.

After midmonth, the energies calm down into the doldrums. Which is fine, because we will likely all need a moment to catch our breath and deal with the consequences of the Jupiter/Pluto trine and the family of other tries bombarding us anyway. If you do happen to be someone who receives the negative potentials from this potent energy, just know that the Universe is opening up new avenues for you. If you must say your good-byes to someone, it is only because you have things to do that require you do them alone, or with someone new. No door closes in this life without another opening (even if it is the big one into the great beyond). You will hopefully come to understand the reasons for the things you find unreasonable. Still yet, you must persevere and find your new life. When Pluto takes something away, it is usually something that was stunting our growth, but he always brings us something better in the wake of our destitution.

I hope that everyone who reads this receives the wonderful possibilities for this energy and finds financial opportunity, as well as the love of their lives, even if it is the same old love you’ve maintained for what seems like forever. Jupiter trining Pluto is all about forever and the depth of connection that is found when we can love with vision and a mutual belief or a common goal, such as that of raising a family. Freedom also comes with this energy, as does the opportunity to drink a toast to new love/money/purpose, found love/money/purpose and connections that seem beyond time. Cheers!

February 2012 Highlights

Happy Valentine’s Day! We have some major assistance in the romance department as February commences. On the 3rd Neptune, planet of romance, devotion, whimsy and the ideal will move comfortably into its own sign of Pisces. This is a wondrous coup for humanity when taken in its sublime perfection and manifested in only positive means. Boundless connections with our fellow mortals are harkened into being along the ethers of all things Neptunian, so for those attuned to the subtle nuances of life this planetary movement will be quite enlightening and enthralling. You can read more about it in my article Neptune into Pisces.

Of course, just as we get Neptune squared away and happily entwined with its own sign, Saturn is going to move retrograde on the 7th until June 26th. Saturn is always a bit of a downer, and being retrograde doesn’t help its disposition. Saturn is currently in Libra, the sign of the executive and indicative of leadership and discipline. This is a good time for those in supervisory positions to take a more reticent stance in the administration of their work duties: Perhaps putting someone else on their staff that shows great promise front and center for a while so they can catch up on a backlog of some sort. Those in long established partnerships will need to regroup and do a little research about how to best move forward from this point.

People with Saturn prominent in their chart may not feel like working extraordinarily hard during this retrograde and if they are lucky they will have a partner who can take up the slack for them. Partnerships may go through difficulties with some potential for a formal separation or permanent split. Don’t give up on any relationship, either business or personal, until after Saturn goes direct in June. Save some hope to make things right again this summer.

For those who are not looking forward to the upcoming holiday of love, you might be surprised by a spontaneous offering of love on the 9th. This could come in the form of an offer for a date which occurs rather serendipitously or maybe by running into a love from your past. This isn’t a strong energy, but one which can bring laughter and happiness from an unexpected quarter.

The rest of the month looks rather quiet, with perhaps a little bit of fallout for those who don’t do justice to their Valentine on the 15th and 18th. Remember that 2012 is a Leap Year and we will have an extra day this month. Anecdotally, according “Blum’s Farmer’s and Planter’s Almanac, there will be 53 Sundays (there are usually 52) and there will also be three Friday the 13ths, whereas there is normally only one.

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