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This page is devoted to the area of astrology which defines the medical problems associated with each sign. Believing we can tell what kinds of medical problems will plague a person creates some interesting questions. If we can foretell someones health problems, then taken one step further, could we not also predict death? After all, the 8th house is suppose to tell of a person’s death. The 4th house can describe the affairs at the end of life and all endings in general. Personally, I think there are some things we are not supposed to know, and quite frankly who really wants to know? There are several astrologers out there who claim to be able to tell for certain the timing of death, and I would ask them “What kind of a freak are you?” I don't believe anyone knows with any certainty the time of death but our "Maker". If you don’t believe in a Maker, then so be it, but life is easier to take if you do my friend. Without a belief in a higher power life may seem a random loop of unfathomable unfairness and cruelty.

Regardless of my opinions, in my studies I have found astrology can point to chronic health problems. Usually indicated by the Sun, Ascendant, 6th house and the signs associated with them. Aspects made to the Sun and the Ascendant are very important. For example, Jupiter in good aspect to the Sun gives an automatic “leg up” in the vitality department, and if Mars is in good aspect to the Sun, it gives speedy recuperation. Saturn to the Sun, in difficult aspect, will show a chronic health problem which is further described by the signs in which these two planets fall, also note the houses. In my work as a Medical Social Worker, I became interested in preventative medicine. One of the best ways to stay healthy is to not get sick in the first place, eh? If you have Venus in poor aspect and poorly placed, as well as on the cusp of the 6th house, well then, watch the sweets or you will end up a diabetic, especially if the Moon is added to the mix. Venus rules sweets and the kidneys. The Moon rules fluids, including to some extent the blood. If you have a Leo Ascendant with the Sun in the 6th, look out for heart and back problems. Got a bunch of Pisces and Neptune in these areas? Drugs and alcohol, maybe? Or, even more scary, Neptune rules things that are hidden. I find Neptune/Pisces prevalent with cancer diagnoses or other hard to diagnose illnesses until which time they are found. Jupiter can also be a cancer indicator when there is a tumor involved due to its association with excess growth. However, Pluto and Scorpio also are key players in the cancer arena. I had Pluto trining my Venus when I had cancer. Trines are traditionally seen as an opportune, or good aspect, and in this case I had an opportunity to remove something that was dangerous.

Mars and Neptune, or Aries and Pisces are often times found in charts of violent suicide. The act (for instance, a gun to the head) is easy to see in hindsight with Mars being the violence and Neptune being something done in secret. However, motives can cloud the picture. What killed them really, the gun or profound sadness and loss? People who murder others or those who die as a result of a car accident can also show Mars/Aries signatures. Mars in the 1st house is a dangerous placement for head wounds, but can also denote great athletisism and a courageous soul. Therefore, it is basically irrelevant to look to these indicators with fear, because divine intervention is possible at any time. As with everything in life, this area of astrology need be taken with a “grain of salt”. Remember: Balance is the keyword of all existence and faith can always heal us. That being said, here are some helpful hints for keeping yourself healthy.

Sun in the 1st house, in Aries, or Sun poorly aspected by Mars and an Aries Ascendant: Look to health concerns associated with Aries/Mars and the 1st House for further information about risk factors. For the Sun in the 1st, risk factors include heart attack, back problems, spinal cord injuries, spinal meningitis or difficulties concerning the right side of the body, which could indicate strokes. More Mars/Aries oriented problems point to traumatic brain injury, sinusitis, rhinoplasty (though bones in the nose are also connected to Saturn), car accidents, explosions, burns, and wounds caused by violence, like gunshot and stabbings. Mars/Aries rule the head, muscles, sex organs and adrenal gland too. The Sun in the 1st house can give a very strong constitution and the will to overcome obstacles, which mitigates some of the negatives.

A person with the Sun in the 2nd house, in Taurus, poorly aspected to Venus or an Ascendant in Taurus should look to the sign Taurus/Venus for possible health issues. These can include excesses, such as overeating or drinking, which cause weight problems, kidney disease, gall stones, and blood disorders including diabetes. This person may also not have good muscles tone and will not be motivated to exercise if not given proper incentive.

Sun in the 3rd House, in Gemini, aspected to Mercury, or an Ascendant in Gemini are prone to all Mercury/Gemini type ailments. Gemini rules anything we have two of on our body, including shoulders, ankles, eyes, kidneys, ears, as well as the nervous system, which can also include issues of mental illness in relation to poor judgment. Hearing problems, blindness, bursitis, Meniere”s Disease, and multiple sclerosis, are a few of the concerns for this placement.

Sun in the 4th House, in Cancer, Cancer on the Ascendant or a Sun/Moon polarity is associated with Cancer/Moon ailments. The breasts, stomach, digestive system, womb, fluids in the body, glands (lymphoma, mononucleosis), and bleeding or blood diseases (leukemia, excessive bleeding during menstrual cycle, ulcers, stomach cancer) and hormonal disorders are all potential risk areas.

With the Sun in the 5th House, in Leo, or Leo on the Ascendant, there is the reverberation of problems concerning the back, spine and right side of the body and the heart. Don’t discount the health implications of “heartbreak” with this placement. There is the potential for heart attacks, strokes, spinal cord injuries, or problems having children, though that is primarily considered to be a Mars/Moon problem.

Sun in the 6th House, Sun in Virgo, on the Ascendant, or aspected to Mercury in this sign, or on the cusp of the 6th House, contributes health factors associated with Mercury/Virgo. Virgo has a sensitive nervous system, as well as respiratory system. Mercury also rules motor coordination and Virgo rules the bowels and intestinal tract. Diverticulitis, colon cancer (people with this placement need a daily dose of fiber), pneumonia (also a Gemini problem) are all ruled by Virgo and Mercury.

Sun in the 7th House, in Libra, a Libra Ascendant or the Sun in bad aspect to Venus should look at Venus/Libra ruled heath risks. These include the neck, throat, thyroid gland, kidneys, liver, ovaries, veins and equilibrium. Libra mainly rules the kidneys. Kidney stones, gall stones, varicose veins, sclerosis of the liver, hypoglycemia, Meniere’s disease (also Gemini) are all problems associated with Venus.

The Sun in the 8th House, in Scorpio, Ascendant in Scorpio or Sun poorly configured with Pluto can contribute health issues associated with Scorpio and Pluto. Pluto rules the excretory system and Scorpio rules the sex organs while the 8th house is associated with the muscular system. Testicular cancer, impotence, venereal diseases, degenerative diseases which attack the muscular system, like Muscular Dystrophy, can be found in this sector.

The Sun in the 9th House, in Sagittarius, Ascendant in Sagittarius, or poorly aspected by Jupiter would cause health concerns from Sagittarius and Jupiter. These include the blood, arteries, hips, thighs and liver. Jupiter is a planet that helps clean the blood and move it around the body. Hardening of the arteries, or Atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease would be found here especially if correlated with the Sun or Leo. Obesity and high blood pressure, both caused by excesses are associated with Jupiter.

The Sun in the 10th House, in Capricorn or the Ascendant in Capricorn or the Sun poorly aspected by Saturn causes these health problems. Knees, bones, skin, teeth, and joints are areas of concern. Problems would include arthritis or rheumatism, dental issues, including braces and bridges, chills, melanomas, bone diseases including cancer of the bones and osteoporosis. Calcium should be added to anyone’s diet that has a Saturn/Capricorn problem in the health sectors.

The Sun placed in the 11th, in Aquarius, or Aquarius on the Ascendant or the Sun in bad aspect to Uranus should look to Aquarius and Uranus for relevant health issues. Uranus rules the circulation, ankles, shins, intellectual skills and pituitary gland. Electrolyte dysfunction can be a problem or carpel tunnel syndrome, because of Uranus’ association with computers. Uranus is indicative of sudden onset of health problems and can be a progenitor of accidents. People with Uranus in aspect to Mars or Mercury are prone to auto accidents.

The Sun in the 12th House, in Pisces, a Pisces Ascendant or Neptune in aspect to the Sun cause problems in heath related to Pisces and Neptune. This includes problems with the feet, such as bunions and calluses. Neptune is far more ominous and can include ailments pertaining to drug use, drowning, and with Gemini pneumonia. Cancer as a disease is often associated with Neptune because it quietly and insidiously destroys cell tissues. If Neptune is prevalent in the chart, look at its sign placement and be cognizant of changes in the area of the body ruled by that sign. Early detection is often the greatest hope for people with cancer. Cancer, as a sign, and the Moon, when associated with Neptune are the rulers of communicable diseases like tuberculosis, AIDS, SARS, Ebola and other scary transmutables.

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