Libra (September 23-October 22)
April 2014 Monthly Horoscope

You have had an interesting solar chart since the summer of 2010 when Uranus entered the sign of Aries and brought vast changes to your house of business and personal partnerships. You had a little time to revise these areas of your life, and now the Universe is bringing additional problems, or solutions, compliments of a total eclipse of the moon on April 15th at 25 degrees of your sign. This eclipse will be visible in both North and South America thereby making it muy importante to those living there, and especially those with a Libra sun, moon or ascendant. If these placements fall within 5 degrees of the 25 degree marker then you probably need to batten down your emotional hatches.

Due to some of the other items of note taking place in your chart, particularly the nodes, you may not be feeling particularly robust, or your partner may be less healthy than usual requiring you to do double duty in your home or business life. Illness is one possibility, but also there is a chance that you have not been meeting up to expectations in other areas of your life. As I told you in the yearly forecast very often when Uranus visits the 7th house, long term associations come to a very sudden and irrevocable end. This doesnít have to happen, but if you have been long suffering and unhappy in your partnership an event might occur in conjunction with the eclipse that is the very last straw.

On the positive side, this sequence of energies can bring someone into your life now that changes it immensely for the better, breathing life into your world and hope into your soul. The only certainty is that this person will be unlike anyone you have ever known, or likely will ever know in your lifetime. Donít be put off by eccentrics, rebels and the whimsically odd because these are all descriptors of the Uranus ruled. By the same token Uranus can bring some real weirdoes into your life too, so you need to watch and wait before you begin a permanent relationship with anyone now. The Universe (God) is actually leading you to make yourself more open to close relationships of all kinds, from friendships to business partnerships to marriage.

You should also note that your sign will experience another total lunar eclipse on April 4, 2015. The eclipse this month is tied to 3 others, but the most important is the one on April 4th of next year. Thing is, God loves us (the Universe? It just tries to keep it equal). Therefore if you believe in a Supreme Being, you can weather all storms. If you donít, hold on to your hiney because this unusual bit of astroweather isnít likely to be fun times. Total eclipses are wont to be rather emotionally unhinged. You get two. I wish you the best of luck. The ancients believed all eclipses were omens of death and destruction. We are more enlightened now. Therefore, it doesnít mean bad things wonít happen, but it also doesnít mean they have to; YOU have the power, free will and the ability to overcome anything. Start making some hard decisions now and then the next total lunar eclipse wonít completely upend you.

There will be an energy build up around the 20th which will bring opportunities to your doorstep, assuming things go well. You can get job offers or win the lotto with this kind of a vibe. You can also experience massive chaos and even subjugation if you happen to live in a part of the world where this is common, and even if you donít, but it isnít as pervasive in Western cultures as in places like Syria. Remember when you read some of the negativity associated with the planetary energies that we ainít the only game in town. Millions of others have a vastly different reality than ours (North America) of sitting in front of the T.V. or computer watching ďMarch MadnessĒ.

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Libra (September 23-October 22)
2014 Yearly Horoscope

You have picked up a bit of luck this year in the form of your ruler hanging out in close proximity to your solar sun. This is a grand coup my friendly Scales. Scales. I want to take a moment to explain to you about your significatorÖthe scales. You are the only sign that has an inanimate object as its mascot. On the one hand, the scales weigh money. On the other, they symbolize judgment and the judiciary function of society. You can find lots of information about this on the internet and it might be helpful for you to read up on it, especially if you have other elements of your chart in Libra as well. This makes you a fairly even keel individual most of the time and not one to succumb as easily to emotional extremes as many of the other signs. Take for instance the animal signs, they get worked up pretty easily and can end up in all kinds of scrapes and skirmishes. The cold blooded signs make good surgeons and serial killers if they have too much of this in their veins. Even the humans are weird, I mean really? A guy who carries around water jugs all day and a set of gossipy twins who annoy everyone because they wonít shut up. Everyone has their issues, but yours are different from the others. Take some time and study it.

This synopsis is all leading up to the Universeís message to you this year. The north node is aligned with Venus and the solar sun, giving you even more charm and equanimity than usual. You will have a good deal of attracting ability, and you will have all kinds of people vying for your attention. Perhaps some will bring you opportunities to make more money, or maybe they will be a protective influence. However, you may not be comfortable with all this attention, or the kind of attention at any rate. Well, that is too bad. The Universe (in someís minds God) is pushing you towards doing more that brings you personal attention. This probably comes in the form of expressing or showing off your talents. There are indicators that you have a business partner who does not necessarily like for you to be the center of attention, they prefer to be the one in the spotlight. Unfortunately though, they are not as good at whatever it is the two of you do as you are. There are caveats to this of course, those which follow the dictates of the south node and inherent gifts not overused before this time, but all in all, it is you who should receive the accolades or bring in the business.

On the other side of this, you and a partner might be at loggerheads now and this may come up quite suddenly or in unexpected and very upsetting ways. Some of your problems are apt to be old ones that have crept back up again. In extreme circumstance the two of you may decide to part company. If you donít break up, you may decide to make some very big changes in your relationship. Revisiting the place where you first fell in love might be a very nice start.

For others who are unattached this year will bring someone who interested you greatly in the past back in your life. Again, this will be a sudden happening, or one that comes about in a very exciting or shocking manner. This person will very likely upset your applecart in some way, but it will be worth it for the way they make you feel. If it has been a long time since anyone paid you compliments, get ready to be dazzled. Just donít let someone unscrupulous into your life. And donít assume because someone once was a rotten apple they are still. This energy is the kind that can make someone change for the better, or for the worse, but letís not talk about that.

Mercury has moved into your house of money, and Saturn is still there. Venus has left the building as indicated by the above paragraph. Mercury here means you need to use your communication skills and intellect to make your living. Saturn means that older people or those belonging to the establishment can be helpful. Budgeting is still a must.

On the 15th there will be a total lunar eclipse at 25 degrees of Libra signaling those of this sign need to suit up for the game. This is the first eclipse in the series of upcoming Libra eclipses, which also means that the north node is also about to amble your way and into your sign. This is a very important movement for the Libra ruled folks of the world. You are being asked to move way outside your comfort zone. You may experience some emotional upheavals now due to the eclipse being of the lunar variety. All in all you need to have a little sit in with yourself and figure out what the Universe is trying to tell you. Look at the transiting north node in your natal chart for hints. The Universe is usually less than subtle so you should get the general gist of things during this total eclipse, and if not now then around the time of the other eclipses which will fall in Libra on 4/4/2015 and again on 3/23/2016.

Your financial situation this year appears to be a little bit austere, probably due to the usual culprits, family, mortgages and such. If you are looking for a job you might find a very good contract position which will be available to you for a long duration if you wish to keep it. Your analytical skills might be required in some instances. You also might be able to work from home if you so wish.

You need to be more aggressive in your general communications if you wish to be affective, or merely to make think headed people understand you mean business. Donít let anyone bully you, especially neighbors, siblings or roommates. Do not drive aggressively and avoid others who are.

If you share an office with someone you may find them to be a bit fluffy and emotional for your tastes. Perhaps they are disabled in some way, in which case you need to be sympathetic to their problems but if they interfere with getting your job done this should be addressed.

If you have a pet you will be inordinately close to them this year. Sometimes our pets can have uncanny connections to us, I have found this to be true with all of the pets I have ever had. I hope you have a chance to know a pet like this. The only bad thing about pets is they donít live nearly long enough, but again, I donít want to go there. Enjoy your pets while you have them.

Health issues can crop up this year, perhaps an insidious problem that the doctors donít correctly identify. Get a second, third and forth opinion. Once you figure out what is wrong you can get back to feeling better than you can remember.

You may be asked to head a group, social club or organization of some sort. You will greatly enjoy this position and the camaraderie that goes along with it. You may meet some very influential people amongst this group and you could catch the eye of someone who can assist you greatly in some way. If not, there will opportunity to make some wonderful friends and maybe participate is some kind of benevolent endeavor.

I hope you will have an absolutely fabulous year, with fun and prosperity raining down on your world. Please remember to say a prayer for those who are less fortunate, especially the kids with cancer.

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