Jupiter in Gemini

Jupiter is considered to be in its detriment in Gemini, meaning it does not function as well here as it does in other signs. This is not an entirely negative auspice, as nothing is merely positive or negative in astrology. Each individual or entity will work with an energy differently, largely based upon the other potentials in their natal chart. So it isnít necessary to feel this will be a dire placement for Jupiter during 2012, though it will temper its exuberance to a large extent.

Gemini is an intellectual sign, but is rather superficial in expression, rather than being an expert. Jupiter in Gemini is deemed to be very scattered, with too many things going on to ever deal sufficiently with any of them. I would expect that when historians look back upon this time frame in history one fault that will be underscored will be the lack of focus by our leaders in attending to the world economic fiasco. They have been running around from disaster to disaster, not truly fixing any of them, only throwing money at them which we donít have, creating ever larger deficits. This is certainly an apt battle cry for unseating incumbents.

One of Jupiter in Geminiís problems is that is likes to be out and about and readily gives in to its gift of gab. This is a positive for those in careers where networking is paramount, but even then, if the message given is not one of cohesion and consistency it does little good in furthering their agenda. Jupiter in Gemini is best when it has disciplined itself in becoming an expert in at least one field, then it can go about frolicking and shine as it exhibits its own genius, and can teach others to find theirs as well.

Expect to see a growth spurt in the communication fields, as well as in jobs where people must travel extensively. Teaching positions for those in grammar school will see a slight rise, but since Jupiter is only in a sign for a year, this will likely be short lived and merely a ploy by local politicians to appease voters prior to upcoming elections. After the new regime takes over, or even if the old regime stays, it is unlikely these positions will be fiscally viable if they have not been funded for the long term.

Jupiter is the ruler of publishers and journalists. A good many well-known authors have this placement in their natal chart. Charles Dickens is but one of the famed writers with Jupiter in Gemini. Dickens is one of my favorite authors, but more for his story telling abilities than for his gift at inciting social reform. Some of his works we read as books now, were actually written in snippets, as monthly contributions to newspapers and other periodicals. This is how his famous work The Pickwick Papers came into being.

In a cursory look back at historical times, we see that Mexico and France were both highlighted during Jupiter in Gemini years, with Napoleon declaring himself dictator, 1st consul of France and annexing Italy into his domain. Mexico had many decisive incidences in its revolution from Spain and there were many skirmishes between the U.S. and Mexico during the years Jupiter was in Gemini.

Jupiter is not a rebellious energy per se, however it exacerbates all it contacts. Gemini is not a reformer taken alone, but it does have the capacity for awareness and communication delineating incongruent factions. This configuration is prone to dualistic thinking, and can most certainly take the side which best suits it in a particular circumstance. Add these two energies together and we see a reformer of sorts, but often what they espouse is self-serving or done based on popular ideology, whereas the reformer energy of Uranus/Aquarius is much more evolved than this and will forge its own path. Nevertheless, Jupiter in Gemini will likely be a year when the dualism of society is attacked.

Jupiterís goal would be perpetuate wonderful lives of plenty for all, though Jupiter is wise enough to know this is not possible in a world of finite resources. Gemini then will espouse that we all have an equal share: Which sounds wonderful in premise, but does not carry through very well in actual practice. This is because it is not fair to those who work harder or have more skills and talents, consequently, the only real proponents of this are those who are very mediocre or exceedingly altruistic. The adage of the crayfish in the bucket is an apt descriptor: As the crawdaddies all stand upon one another within their bucket in order to get closer to the top and freedom; the other ones latch on to the escaping crayfish, plucking him back into the bucket. Thereby, those below who cannot reach the top themselves are not desirous of another to attain freedom either. In conclusion, this is an appropriate and perfect vignette into why Jupiter, when in Gemini, is most assuredly, in its detriment.

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