Gemini (May 21-June 20)
April 2014 Monthly Horoscope

Venus, planet of money, friendship and small offerings of luck enters your solar midheaven bringing with it career opportunities which can be immensely helpful. Because you also have Neptune here you may have been unclear as to where you stand or what is going on with your bosses. Venus will bring you a friend, albeit for a short time, who can enlighten you as to where the business is heading and perhaps give you some insight as to where you can best excel.

There will be a total lunar eclipse on the 15th bringing illumination to a certain area of your life that needs attention. The moons signs are often subtle, so the Universe (God) will give us more than one opportunity to ďgetĒ this. October of next year will be a second chance to understand the lesson.

For you, this lesson is taking place in association with your children, artistic talent or love life. In the case of your kids, you need to pay attention to who their friends are. Donít jump to conclusion that they are not good kids, but if after you do a little covert sleuthing you find out they are less than favorable, be ready for a major fight in getting your child away from them. Obviously this will be much more difficult if you have teenagers as they donít tend to listen to what their parents say. Being dictatorial about it wonít work. In fact it tends to just make them defy you, unless they are wimps, in which case just take their phone away for a week and it will all be good. However, if your kid has more backbone, waiting and watching is best, then do what you can to point out the bad friendís creepy points. Better yet, get them involved in something with a peer group that is more acceptable.

If your kid is athletic and high energy, they should be in sports. Coaches have experience in helping kids get away from negative influences, assuming the coaches are fairly bright.

Regardless of where your childís talent lies, they have one. Never forget that it is up to you to find it and nurture it. Itís in the parental job description. Didnít you get the manual? Each kid comes with a special one, there is not a universal key. Your child was given to you because God thought you could deal with them best. Do it.

Keep in mind that kids donít pay as much attention to their parents as they do their peer group after the age of seven or eight. Some say their soul is intact at this point. I donít believe this. I think our souls evolve as our experience leads it. However, after the age of seven or eight, their peers are around them more than their parents and fitting in at school is more important to them. Understand that you, as a parent, are playing second fiddle by 3rd grade. Not if you home school them, because then they wonít be able to deal with their peer group at all. Hope you have an Einstein because if not youíve just set them up for failure. Getting along in the world is a must for ordinary people, which most of us are. If you plan on leaving them a billion apiece, then cool. If not, give them a chance to develop a nice outer crust of toughness that will get them through life.

For those not involved in the kid thing this can speak to a big energy surge in your creativity house. You may meet your competition now (this can also describe your love life). Whatever you have in you that makes you the best, take this to the game now. And yes, you have something you are better at than anyone around you. We all do. We all have a gift. A gift from God that we secretly, or overtly nurture. For the oldies out there, did you know that Jackie Gleason was a musical talent?

This talent can make you come from behind and beat those that seek to defeat you. Even if you donít win, you can discover what it is you lack and go back and learn it so you will never lose again.

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Gemini (May 21-June 20)
2014 Yearly Horoscope

Jupiter has left the building, or at least your solar 1st house as 2014 begins. This is bad for your confidence and attracting abilities, but good for your ability to lose weightÖthat you likely gained while Jupiter was making life easy for you. Though you did have Mars here last year too, so you may have built your bulk into muscle.

This year however your personal fitness or indulgence program is over and it is time to think about how you are going to pay the bills. Mercury is edging you towards doing so with your intellect and communication ability. Jupiter is also in your money house with Mercury which will make it easier to find work, with this combo maybe contract work, but Jupiter is also apt to bring about extravagance or an increase in expenses.

Your home is a place of comfort to you this year, and if you decide to take on a job where you can utilize your analytical skills you might be allowed to work from home. Therefore it is a good idea to set aside a space and put the things in it which will make it conducive to getting your job done.

If you donít like to eat at home, this year is a time when you might want to take up this routine. It is one of the best ways to save money if you are needing to do so. Especially if you have a family. If you donít cook, it is never too late to learn. If you just hate it, well, then draft the person in your family who doesnít hate it and let them plan the meals and give them all the tools and gadgets that make it more fun than chore. I love kitchen gadgets and most cooks do too. Go buy a few and see if you donít feel better about being in the kitchen.

If you have children there may be a bit of unrest amongst them. Mars is inhabiting your house of kids this year bringing angry outbursts, squabbles and fights. You may be surprised at the outcomes in some of these skirmishes, a rebel might surface who can clean the older kids clocks, much to their chagrin and your amusement. If you have a bully in your midst who goes after the other ones it might be time to put them in some sort of athletic program so they are too tired to be mean, or in extreme cases in some kind of school program for delinquents.

If you arenít in an attached relationship, this year can bring you some opportunities for love affairs that are mostly lustful in nature. You probably will have a volatile relationship with whomever you are seeing, or maybe you will have a mutual sports interest, which is a much better option. You also might begin dating someone who is involved in sports.

Your health house has the problems of older folks knocking at your door. These might be your issues or those of a family member or co-worker. Eyesight fading, bone deterioration, agility issues and even memory problems can all rear their head. Oh. And the rear is also apt to be on the fritz occasionally, especially with Saturn being in Scorpio. Scorpio rules those things we donít like to talk about, or talk about to the discomfort of those around us.

Speaking of Scorpio, its ruler, demoted dwarf planet Pluto is happy to be hanging out in its Home house this year and will send you some extra power when you are dealing with taxes, taboo subjects and endings. You will have a large amount of magnetism, so you need to be aware of this when dealing with lesser mortals who may be awed by your mere presence.

Neptune is making your career sector a little ambivalent or confusing. If you work near the ocean or another large body of water, in shipping, pharmaceuticals or with the mysterious and glamorous then this can be a banner year for you. If you are looking for work, these are good fields in which to begin your search.

You probably want to avoid groups, clubs and superficial friendships this year. You could be subjected to some weirdoes or have some unfortunate surprises. This isnít something to be vehemently avoided, but you need to use your judgment and discernment and if anything seems odd, disengage.

Venus is hidden in your house of secrets. This indicates a money or love issue which you would like to keep to yourself. There may be a female in your life that ends up in your dreams on a regular basis. Or maybe you have a love interest you wish to keep secret. Whatever it is, this will give you no small amount of pleasure. Just be careful of hiding money if you have joint interest in finances with someone else. You can get away with itÖfor awhile. This is tied to your house of taxes, so that makes it even more of a no-no if you are hiding income from the powers that be. Stick to having an enjoyable light romance and avoid the negative potentials involving the government.

I hope you will have an absolutely fabulous year, with fun and prosperity raining down on your world. Please remember to say a prayer for those who are less fortunate, especially the kids with cancer.

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