Capricorn (December 22-January 19)
DECEMBER 2014 Monthly Horoscope

Mars will be changing signs and consequently solar house in our charts as the month begins. This will bring an end of Mars being in your sign, which can be good news and bad news. If Mars brought you a few mishaps, as he sometimes can, then you may be glad to see him go. However, all in all, Mars was likely more helpful for you being in your sign and gave you extra motivation for exercise programs and furthering your personal agendas. As Mars changes signs into lively Aquarius, you may want to ensure that your financial situation is sound as Aquarius is known for bringing rather big surprises. The mixture of Mars and Aquarius will make for some uneven financial accomplishments and your steady nature is not apt to enjoy this overmuch.

On the 8th Jupiter will move into retrograde motion until early April 2015. Jupiter is playing host to your house of power, your control or management of other peopleís money and the resources your partner contributes to your joint endeavors. Your partner may be unable to assist as much during these months. If your partnerís largess has been a hindrance to your combined financial situation it might be a good time to construct a budget. Some of you may lose a business partner and their exuberant and magnanimous presence will be greatly missed.

The 10th will bring some fantastic news with the entrance of Venus into your sign, more than making up for the loss of Mars. Venus is not as long lived an energy though, so make haste to utilize the grace she brings for she will only be with you until the first week of January. Even so, what better time to have the beauty she brings assisting you? You will look ravishingly beautiful or handsome and others will wish to spend as much time with you as they can. Expect many invitations in this holiday season! A New Yearís party should be on your list of events to attend or host.

The 23rd is bringing further happy news to you in that your ruler will move into Jupiter, bringing with it graciousness and beneficence. This will be tempered of course by the inherent good sense of Saturn, but it will lighten your load for the next couple of years a great deal.

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Capricorn (December 22-January 19)
2014 Yearly Horoscope

Well, my dearest Goats. I have good news and bad news. The bad news is Pluto is still dogging your solar sun, even more closely than last year. You are flirting with some extreme power here, and for the most part you are handling it well. The good news is that you will have it a bit easier this year as the planet of intellect and the planet of happiness are joining your entourage. Well, that is if you donít scare them off. Pluto is the planet who invented the word ďcoolĒ (as well as kidnapper, mobster, stalker and spy). Try cool, I think it will go over better and keep you out of jail.

The other great thing is that you will have increased attracting ability. Venus and Mercury are conjunct, so if you are a poet, get to writing. If you are making people swoon with all your sweet words, make sure you mean them. You can do very well in leadership positions and utilize all these energies by being a diplomat or mediator.

There is a further indicator of an ease in wordsmithing in your house of communications, so if you do have any kind of writing ability you should probably work on it. Even if you donít think you have any talent, you should put your thoughts down anyway, it can be cathartic.

The energy of faith, gentleness and idealism is paired up with an asteroid, called Chiron, who is the patron saint of gifted and intuitive teachers and healers who tend to refuse to play by the rules and enjoy blazing new trails. This energy isnít yours alone, we all get a piece of it in one way or another. Of course, there is a less positive side to it (as there is with all energies) which includes such things as con artists claiming to have a new teaching method or healing technique. There are a number of icky possibilities, including people pretending to be hurt or disabled and using it to gain sympathy or some other ulterior motive. Be especially wary of people you meet at church or at some community event. This energy can bring some of the most uplifting and heartwarming experiences, or it can crawl around in the gutter with the snipes.

The added indulgence in your solar chart is that the moon is involved in this, so you need look no further than your own home for any of the above mentioned items. This can bring someone very intuitive or nurturing into your sphere. The kind of person who can take one look at you and know you need a pot of chamomile tea and some alone time. Or maybe your brother will show up on your doorstep swearing you only have to watch their four delinquents for a week and after a month you have to file a missing persons report and find him holed up in a crack den romancing five prostitutes. Obviously there are vast variations on this theme. I hope yours are of the former type and not the later.

Part of the reason I worry for the changes in your family unit have to do with the fact you have Uranus in your family house, which signals some very surprising changes. You might move someplace suddenly or to somewhere very different from where you have ever lived. You could see your children leave the nest or you could find out you are going to be a parent. Aging parents may also cause some unexpected moments, from getting in an altercation in a public place to driving their car up a tree because they didnít see it there. Be patient with them. Remember, it is their world that is falling apart and in some cases they may not even fully understand it. If their mind is okay then their accident is likely just that, an accident. Even if they are a little slower than you remember, give them a break.

If you have a boy or man living with you there is a likelihood you may not get along very well this year. If it is a younger person it might be they are going through a rebellious stage. Be extra careful with regard to accidents around your home, you will be much more accident prone doing home improvement projects. When I had this configuration many years ago I kept cutting myself while chopping up things while cooking.

There is further indication that using an authoritarian or paternalistic attitude with kids around you will not work out well for you this year. A child might display some sort of latent talent and if you are harsh or dictate to them they will squelch it and you will be guilty of undermining anotherís confidence or genius. That brings bad ju-ju on you eventually. Donít do that.

If you have a lost love, they might turn up on your doorstep now. If you are looking for a date, going someplace from you past might help you meet someone. All the things I am relaying to you in the last couple of paragraphs have to do with the south node in your solar 5th house. Do a quick internet search on this if you want to know more. Taken alone the south node is a little ghoulish, I donít like it and I like it less in this house. Keep your kids safe.

You do have greater benefic Jupiter in your house of marriage and best friends. This will go a long way towards bringing some good feelings into these relationships. If you are looking for a long term partner, this also can bring you several options. The only downside to this is that if you are a great catch, especially financially, and letís face it, almost all Capricorns are, especially the women. You might have a bunch of opportunistic types sniffing around you. If they ask about your investments, give them the boot.

Happy and joyful tidings come from universities, religious organizations, your in-laws, overseas travel, foreigners, influential types and international business. You might have a few laughs with some of these folks or you could make a quick little profit.

The competition is heating up in your career sector. If you donít work in an overly competitive field then it will play out with people that you work with, especially bosses, being rather testy. If you are the boss, you probably need to mellow out a little. Refer to the first couple of paragraphs. The consequences of your actions regarding the misuse of power are something you want to avoid this year. Plus, because of that energy in your family house creating chaos and making people crazy you might have someone go off on you if you get too uppity. I used to carry pepper spray and a knife. You should probably invest in some form of personal protection if you have a job of some prominence or work in places where you never know what you might encounter, which is like, everywhere.

If you donít belong to any charitable or humanitarian groups, you should join one. Especially one that includes people who are older. Friends from your past can be quite helpful. However, I donít think they will be much fun. And, you are likely to ďoweĒ them something in the end if you ask favors. But doing something like ďMeals on WheelsĒ would do you a lot of good and a lot of other people as well.

This year is one to remain practical and do what you can to make decisions that will be relevant for years to come. At no time should you tamp down your feelings either. You need to use them in all long term decisions. Being practical doesnít mean you donít take into consideration feelings, both yours and other peopleís. This isnít going to be a light hearted kind of year for you, so take your fun where you can (remember that strangers, foreigners and even the clergy can offer you a great deal of humor when it is greatly needed). Finally, keep your temper in check, but under no circumstances allow others to walk on you. Your family can be your greatest blessing and you biggest curse this year. As can your ability to nurture others, or lack thereof.

The universe is asking that you use your intuition and you will find that you are much more psychic than usual. You will be rewarded with opportunities for emotional connections with people too. Again, I think you would greatly benefit by doing some charity work. You will receive a great deal more than you give, and these moments will be some of the best you have all year.

I hope you will have an absolutely fabulous year, with fun and prosperity raining down on your world. Please remember to say a prayer for those who are less fortunate, especially the kids with cancer.

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