Cancer (June 21-July 22)
March 2017 Horoscope

Things may be a bit difficult for some people this month due to a couple of potent transits involving Jupiter, one at the beginning of the month and one at the end.

As with all of the outer planetary transits we will see this energy for longer than a transit involving the planets closer to the sun. For most of us they will be triggered when there is a more minor transit to these same planets within our natal chart, therefore it is impossible to be exact in dating these longer lasting energies.

Unless you are a professional astrologer, and then, we donít look because we donít wanna know and this one knows God runs everything anyway. Unless you are a professional astrologer, and then, we donít look because we donít wanna know and this one knows God runs everything anyway.

I donít know if we are born with compassion and empathy, or if we learn it. If we learn it, we learn it from the likes of you Crab. You understand that to know why people are the way they are you have to look from whence they came. Which usually explains a lot.

However, it is more than that. You have the empathic ability to feel. Even if it has been scabbed over from too many uses. Claw that owie off and let it bleed. Well, unless you are already bleeding to death and then, please get help.

We have a lot of energy running amuck this month and it is not something we can contain. We HAVE to get it out; as a society, as a conglomerate and as a people. If you donít feel it...well, please...make sure you stay away from those of us that do.

You will be drawn to people from afar, to religious study and to gaining a higher education if you do not have one.

Though if it is the latter, you may find that your finances are lacking. Look, if you have some special talent, please focus it. You can make someone believe in you now. That is all it takes my friend. You can get that job, but it might take you far away. You can convince someone to invest in you, but it will mean crawling a little bit.

But never ever let anyone tell you that you arenít worth anything. We are all worth something. All of the people on this planet, and even all the animals. Probably the plants as well. Yes, that sounds nuts to those that live in concrete and glass. I say they are the ones in for a surprise. In the end I mean.

You have gifts. We all do, but your gifts Cancer are needed more than most. You are capable of intrinsic feeling that no one else really gets. Take it to the bank now. Show them you have soul and grit and integrity. No one expects that. You are rare.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
2017 Yearly Horoscope

You will receive an infusion of pure energy this year that will make all of your necessary endeavors more easy to tackle. Any long distance travel you must do, dealing with in-laws or problems from your past may require this kind of, shall we say, enthusiasm. Your nurturing nature will be your best guide now. And while you are renowned for your intuition, this year it might be a tad bit off, so use logic first.

If you are looking for a job you might consider initiating a service that caters to the elderly who wish to stay in their homes or for people with other types of disabilities. There are several start up firms already delving into this growth industry. You might be able to get in with one of these companies on the ground floor which could be a real opportunity for you. I do ask one thing of you though. Please fully understand the population you are dealing with and give them all the freedom they can manage. Just because people make bad decisions it is their right to do so unless they are deemed by the court system unable to make decisions. In which case, get a guardian ad litem on your payroll. [Yes, this is a friendly commercial from your advocate social worker astrologer].

In other news, your partnership house looks particularly exciting. You may meet a very intense individual this year that challenges your ideas in some way. Don't take this too much to heart. It appears they have mommy issues or something equally awkward.

You have your best energy coming at your from the most secretive house in the zodiac. This might be a lover you've been keeping under wraps until you were more comfortable introducing them to your family, or a favorite place you go to remember times from your past or some other thing that helps you escape from the world.

Your bottom line this year is that you are loved. Unconditionally and forever by someone who will never, ever forget you. Let that give you strength.

If you like what is on this site, please give to a charity helping kids with cancer or one dedicated to eradicating cancer. Thank You.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
2016 Horoscope

You have the goddess of loveliness sitting in your solar 1st house, which is a coup in and of itself. And even better it is sitting very near its favorite house of money and can assist in bringing you extra income. Though this will have to be assisted by something else to come to a great amount of fruition because of some indication of a fluctuation nature of your fluid resources.

To be honest, the world is in need of some happy tidings and after looking at the yearís new solar charts I can only be partially helpful. You my friends, are in better shape than most, so this is excellent and will give you a dominant, or at least more favorable position than many of your compatriots.

Your sign is a water sign and this is a year when this is the most prominent element in your solar chart. Very prominent in fact, which will make you a little bit more emotional about certain aspects of your life. Your intuition will be greatly enhanced and you need to follow your gut instincts, probably more than usual, however you man be inundated with so much nebulous vibe that it will be good for you to step back and get away from anything stressing you so that you can truly see what the Universe is trying to tell you. I know this is hard, but the first step is to turn you phone off. Guess what? In ďoldenĒ times we were not at everyoneís beck and call. And some of us, especially sensitive special people like you, really need to disconnect from time to timeÖusually every day and especially on weekends and holidays. You know what else will help? Go find a national park and wander around till you find a nice sunny rock and just sit there. Alone. If you find that scary, I find you terrifying , and I obviously canít help you.

You are also missing the element of air in your solar chart. Suffice it to say that elementally you are challenged. And without any air in your chart life may lose a bit of its overall zest. Mostly, some of the laughter may be missing. Iíve never known a Crab who couldnít at least grin at lifeís ironies. The worst part of this will happen win terms of your health and you need to get all breathing difficulties checked out if you know you have problems in this area. Or it might mean that the air you are breathing is killing you, so if you live in a smog filled area and have breathing issues or are older I guess the only thing you can do is move. I know people in China read me. You can change your country. Maybe not quickly, but quietly and stoically.

You may want to take a few short trips this year for vacation or take a job where you get to travel locally. You can meet many people who will be extremely helpful for you in the future. Your brother may be in need of some help, or perhaps a brother-in-law. Perhaps you have had to assist them a little too often and you arenít feeling much like it right now. The Universe is asking you to do it once more and I think you will be pleased with the results.

There is a very carnal energy in your solar 5th house which is the house of kids, creativity, dating and your stock portfolio. Your child may exhibit some rather aggressive behaviors this year. If so, fix that. Best way is to enroll them in a sport that lets them get the extra energy they have out.

You have some very powerful people close to you now. Your partner may be rubbing shoulders with those who are on a path to greatness, even if you donít know it now. However it is unclear how much help this will be for you. IN fact, they may not even use it to assist you at all.

However, this looks like someone from your past. Or your current love who has been with you through thick and thin and stood by you when few others have. Frist of all, these people are very hard to find and even more difficult to hang on to for life. Never forget them and always remember, they have your back. Even if you never see them again.

Your career could change this year. This may be because your company is dong a reorganization but it look more like the boss gets fired or you just canít handle the aggressive competition. You have some kind of genius that isnít incumbent upon being associated in some company. Figure out how to turn it into a home business or start a company of your own. The world needs free thinkers. Follow our heart, your intuitions and your soul, but always check them with your intellect.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
Cancer 2015 Yearly Horoscopes

The New Year is a time when we are offered a bit of a ďstart overĒ point in our lives. This isnít usually a big thing, though it can be. However the Universe is giving us a change of venue, so to speak and we are allowed the opportunity to do with it as we so desire. This year you are being given the chance to initiate great personal change, perhaps even with something as intrinsic as your looks. This can come about by starting a work out regime or by having some sort of plastic surgery. I would try the first before you try the second.

Mars is giving you a few aggressive and even combative tendencies this year, which quite frankly are a bit hard for those around you to take since you usually have such a nurturing demeanor, if you are true to your sun sign anyway. At any rate, you will feel more assertive than usual and you may even be the initiator in conflicts, especially with your spouse, best friend or business partner. Sometimes energies such as this indicate an ending to a long term relationship, but this is not to be entered into lightly. When two people split up it is never just them that separates, all the extraneous people in your lives do too. However, we all have to do what is best for us and it looks like this is a pretty powerful energy.

If you arenít happy in a relationship where a partner holds power over you, then you probably need to get away from them. Every cell phone on the market allows you to get free apps. Get one that takes video or records and use it when they are being mean to you. Send it to the cops or your brother or your dad. No one has to put up with a bad relationship anymore. Especially one that is abusive. Even if you donít want to get out for you, get out before your kids are old enough to believe that your dysfunctional relationship is the way relationships are supposed to be. What you do to yourself is your business. What you put your kids through will be taken care of by God.

If you are not married, you could meet someone who completely sweeps you off your feet. This is a very intense grouping of energies and very hard for me to tell you what you should do because there is actually a bit too much passion associated with it. Passion is great. Stalkers who scare youÖnot so much. You have great instincts Cancer. This is one thing you can count on even when you canít count on much else. Follow them here.

Your money house is harboring the greater and the lesser benefic. This is great! Unless it isnít. If you are working hard and seeing an increase of income then it is easy to see that this is going to be an exceptional year for you. If you are operating on a large deficit and donít see an increase in your income on the horizon, then you need to stop spending money NOW. A few of you might see a big windfall by way of an inheritance here, but this is kind of a creepy thing in which to speculate. This is a last gasp effort from the Universe to get you to see that you need to curb your excesses. If you are a wonderfully balanced person who has just started a business or who has been working consistently for a long time, then you my friends will see some huge dividends this year. Congratulations!

The 8th house is giving you magnetism and popularity, as well as power. This power will fluctuate but when it is on you will feel it and you should use it to your advantage. This energy is also indicative of a financial issue which is rather extreme, which could be an inheritance or an opportunity to work for someone for whom you manage their finances and consequently acquire a nice nest egg for yourself. I also must mention that this too indicates a rather torrid love affair type energy. With all of these possibilities for romance, if you arenít getting any love, you might want to follow your spouse or lover and see if they are.

Your career house still has the ruler of eccentrics and chaos in it. Uranus is a harbinger of sudden changes. If you work in the computer sector or for a humanitarian organization, then this is rather ďold hatĒ and not indicative of extreme change. This just means you are where you are supposed to be. For someone who works in an area that is protective in nature (cops, soldiers, paramedics, social workers, teachers, nurses and fire fighters) you too are where you need to be, but you probably will be met with some sudden changes. Watch your backs my friends. Iíll be praying for you, as always. But remember my compatriotsÖwe can only do what we can do. We can do no more. Do not lose yourself in the saving of others if at all possible. Yes, some people are meant to sacrifice themselves. I wish it werenít so, but it is. However, without the brave souls, what would happen to the rest of us? We would never even be able to Hope. So God Bless them and the families they have left behind.

The last major energy you have in your new 2015 chart says that you need to start writing about what you think in your darkest hours or in your dreams. Maybe you should just talk about it, but I think it is better served by this house for you to write down your thoughts in a secret place. This isnít the kind of thing that is for public consumption. This is for you. The therapist in me thinks you might want to then burn it if it is too personal or scary. But then, maybe not. Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen King had to start somewhere didnít they?
Cancer (June 21-July 22)
2014 Yearly Horoscope

Jupiter is still with you in your solar 1st house this year, just as he was last year. He is however hovering near the cusp of the 2nd house, within just a few degrees. While Jupiter is in your 1st house you will have a much more magnanimous attitude towards others as well as yourself. For some people this can result in a weight gain, but you can get a handle on this later on in the year when Jupiter exits your sign.

Jupiter has offered you many options during his stay in Cancer. Some of them probably not what you would be interested in, but hopefully you can find one that will allow you to use your talents in a meaningful way, and one which gives you some sort of reward.

There are several signs that have an emphasis on the house which rules our home, family and past. This is actually your signs natural placement and there is a significant overload of cosmic energies here this year. The north node is in attendance which means you very much need to concentrate on things related to the 4th house. This actually isnít that hard for you Crabs, so enjoy this time while you can. The moon, your ruler, is also here. This is a reverberation of all that is inherently Cancer. All would be more than well if it werenít for the fact that Mars was also ensconced here.

If you have a house full of people relying on you, you should get ready for a few problems to arise. You need to take charge of things, perhaps put the more aggressive types in their place or at least organize the household. This is not an option, but a requirement. Even if you donít like being the ruler of the castle keep, you need to get out of your comfort zone of letting everyone do their own thing, and start telling people what to do. Otherwise they will be eating you out of house and home, using up all your gas, leaving the door open with the air conditioner on and not rolling the toothpaste from the bottom.

Often when Mars is seen in the 4th house (usually by natal progression though) one decides to move house. If you are offered a job which will require you move, I would encourage you to do so. Even if your current company seems solvent now and your job secure there is likely going to be some very big changes in the next few years which will leave you out of a job or with fewer options for upward mobility.

With Saturn in your solar house of love affairs, entertainment and artistic creativity you need to mellow out a little bit. Your best dates will be with people who are older or more established than yourself. If you are artistic you can rely on your durability in your field to see you through any hard times. You have likely honed your skills in a way most of your competitors have not, therefore you can weather many more slow times than they can.

This is also a time for you to make your skills shine. You are being given the time and the latitude to work on elements of your craft which you may not have had the time to deal with before. Be diligent and continue to work towards perfecting your art.

This house also rules children and it appears yours could be in need of extra supervision and discipline or they might become extreme introverts or decide on a career path involving engineering. For some of you, your child might become distant or take on a much more responsible role in your life.

You have morphed into a dwarf Pluto in your house of long term partners, including best friends, business alliances and marriage. You will be attracted to people with a great deal of power or who at least carry themselves as if they have some. You might decide to take on a business partner with talent in research and investigation if you wish to start or already own your own business.

For those who are already married, you may find that you are in some sort of cold war with your spouse over an issue. In other cases there could be outright abuse, in which case as it appears you are the harmed party, you need to figure out how to extricate yourself from this situation. I can say that with more ease for those who live in a western thinking country, but for those who have the ability to read these words from countries which have little respect for equal rights, this is a sadly ineffectual bit of advice. Iím sorry for this and hope you can find a way to unburden yourself of your problem. If you think you can wait for Pluto to go away, Iím sorry to say this wonít happen until 2024. If he or she is a beast, you need to do something before then.

For those of you who do a lot of traveling abroad you can find some very exquisite things on your journeys. Many of you will travel in glamorous accommodations if you must travel, others will become very confused in places that overwhelm you.

If you have a child in college, you might want to make sure they are actually attending classes at some point. Some level of deception is likely here and well, kids will be kids.

I hope you will have an absolutely fabulous year, with fun and prosperity raining down on your world. Please remember to say a prayer for those who are less fortunate, especially the kids with cancer.

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