Aries (March 21-April 19)
March Horoscope

March is coming in as a lion this year Rams, as he often does and though it is nothing that this world has not seen before, it can still cause some upheaval. Our first encounter occurs quite quickly in the form of a Jupiter/Uranus connection that we have been living with in an ebb and flow of strength since last August. Jupiter and Uranus is, on the surface, a very invigorating and exciting energy and for most of us this is the way it will play out. Many Aries should be on the lookout for a major change in their lives this year, which can mean you decide to change your hair color, get a face lift, lose a bunch of weight or gain it. But right now Jupiter is urging you to do even more. This added input can come from your kids, your lover or be due to a creative project you have been extremely involved in for a while.

If you are not in a committed relationship you will probably have a lot of options for dates with Jupiter assisting you in your love life. However you may find that while they find you attractive, you find them overbearing, arrogant or too enthusiastic. Still, this is one of the best times for you to have a lot of fun. If you would like to meet prospective partners try going to a sporting event or a seminar on investing.

Some of you will find true love under this auspice, but it may not necessarily be one that will turn into a long term relationship. My guess is that you will not want to move on to the next level, maybe because they are a little too adventurous for you or because they have obligations to children that you would prefer not to involve yourself with at this time. Still, you will enjoy this person’s company immensely and the romance can probably last through the summer. Frankly, it is difficult to find someone with whom you have this much fun and you probably should just see where it takes you.

March is further indicated to be a very important month due to the total solar eclipse on the 20th. NASA has a site called the NASA Eclipse Website which is an excellent tool showing eclipse duration, trajectory and a plethora of other related data. On the upcoming total solar eclipse it appears that unless you live in Svalbard you won’t be able to see it. Astrological lore states that the places which can see the eclipse will receive the most power from it as well as the difficulties purported to be spawned by the eclipse. Early astrologers deemed that rulers would fall during total solar eclipses as well as other dire happenings associated with governments.

Those who have a planet in their natal chart in the latest degrees of Pisces will be more apt to feel the eclipses effects and you may be in the spotlight for some reason if you do. Keep in mind too that this is the front end of the eclipse pattern which includes a solar and a lunar eclipse (which will occur on 4/4/15). The total lunar eclipse is the second to the last in a sequence of eclipses which are called “blood moons” due to the moon turning red, which has Biblical significance (Rev. 6:12). There will be a final lunar eclipse in September which will conclude this triad. These “blood moon” eclipses are not particularly rare events and you can look up when they occurred throughout history. Often they appear to correlate with events concerning Israel. Perhaps the rising surge of anti-Semitism in Europe, the killing of Christians in door-to-door raids in Syria and barbarisms towards other Faiths particularly in Middle Eastern countries could be associated with this succession of blood moon eclipses. For you Aries, this eclipse is on the cusp of your sign and therefore may impact you in some way.

This solar eclipse will light up your solar chart ascendant Aries, though from the 12th house. You may be hiding something about yourself from others and I would imagine you have a legitimate reason for doing so. Unfortunately with solar eclipses it is difficult to hide anything as this is a very public energy. You are a brave and noble sign Aries and you can handle pretty much anything life throws at you. Enter the arena with a smile…and perhaps a sword.

Aries (March 21-April 19)
2015 Yearly Highlights

You spent last year learning a few important things and receiving some important insights via whatever spark of genius you may have. Any ideology or item you are in charge of selling, make sure you know it backwards and forwards, the good and the bad. Perhaps it is a good product but it isn’t good for every instance. Know this and while you may not want to offer up this information while you are negotiating price, you want to disclose it at some point and in some form. This year you need to share your many talents with the world. If you work in sales of some sort, you need to work on your communication skills to make sure you put forth the best persona. You are a natural leader Aries, so this should all come easily for you.

Your money house is energized this year and the energy within will make you much more enthusiastic about earning your living. Hopefully you will have a job that excites you to share your product or talent with others. Mars is always your friend and he is going to make you like what you do to make your living. Further, Venus is lending a hand and offering you money making opportunities which will actually be fairly easy and enjoyable. Unfortunately it will also be very easy to spend what you make. Buying pretty things is a great part of making money and you should definitely reward yourself with some niceties. Just don’t forget that this windfall may have to last you a while so you might want to set a bit aside and be sure to pay off any debt you may have if you can.

If you are creative then this will probably be part and parcel to the above two paragraphs. Your talent is what is making you get noticed and what will sustain your income this year. You have the opportunity to inspire and be inspired by others. If you work in some sort of artistic medium, such as painting, sculpture or music, allow your gift to flow and spend as much time on it as you can. This will be a very prolific year for you creatively.

If you are on the dating scene, you have fabulous opportunities to meet people who can give you at least a couple of good times. These are not long term relationships, which is good because you really don’t have time for that. But you will really enjoy their company and you might even want to take a trip to a faraway place you’ve never been before with them. Companionship is an okay thing and often is one of the truer sorts of love on the planet.

As I go around the zodiac wheel, the next place we shall stop this year is the house of marriage, best friends and business partners. You actually have some emotional dealings to contend with in this housel. And these have a bigger draw, including that of destiny. I don’t know what your understanding of destiny is, but in the astrology world, destiny is full of contradictions and often holds some element of nastiness along with goodness. Just depends on your spiritual bankbook (as Ms. Hickey appropriately named it). The short version is that almost everyone gets a few rotten apples in the fate department. This is absolutely not to say that your partner will be a jerk. Happens. People bring out the best and worst in us. However, you need to do this partnership thing. You need to pair up with someone even if it just becomes a very good friendship. Will it be ideal? Nope. But you will feel so much more emotionally fulfilled if you will try couple up with someone, at least as a best friend if not as a life partner.

The 9th house is the next house in play for you in 2015. This is the house of in-laws, second marriages, long voyages, philosophy, religion and international business. Saturn is here. This is not really favorable unless you are an older person or have this planet and its sign prevalent and well aspected in your natal chart. Still, Saturn is very good for stabilizing things. If you are in college, be prepared for a trial by fire. You will work for what you earn. One professor in particular may be a real thorn in your side. Probably you deserve it. Just know that if you survive you will be the best of the best of the best. If you don’t survive this educational program then it indicates that you are supposed to be doing something else…it is not indicative of you being a failure. You are only a failure if you want to be. Get up, dust yourself off and figure out what you actually like to do. Not what your mommy and daddy wanted, not what sounds good to your Facebook friends, but what you’re really enjoy doing. When you figure it out…do THAT.

This year is all about you and the emphasis will be on what you wish to accomplish. If you don’t have any goals, you need to find some. Goals are actually simple things, and most people need them in some form. If we definitively know what we want to accomplish, then we know what path we need to take to get there. If all we want to do is sit in our apartment and watch TV or access social media, then we probably aren’t going to have really good things happen to us (nor will you make any money). I don’t actually care what you do. I’m a live and let live kind of gal. I do hope that you will at least access online education or read some of the excellent free sites that offer classical works. If you are completely bored, I hope you will take my challenge of reading either all of Charles Dickens works, or those of Jane Austin. No, not the movies. Read the books then watch the movies (I love “Pride and Prejudice with Kira Knightly and Donald Southerland, it’s the best).

Never quit learning Aries. The world is full of mysteries that need to be solved and things that need to be discovered. Above all the other signs, you need to be enthusiastic about something. You are the most courageous souls on the planet. We need your example. We need to see you overcome things and take the next challenge. Good luck in all you seek this year.

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2014 Yearly Aries Horoscope

Before you delve into your yearly horoscope, I want to remind you of one of the fallacies of astrology, specifically of the sun sign horoscope. We all have a natal chart that is our very own and it shows where all the planets and asteroids and planetoids and dwarfs and mathematical points were when we were born; the Exact moment you took your first breath would probably be best. These sun sign horoscopes, not just mine, everyone’s, are a very general monthly median point for each sign put in a solar chart. Further, some people have other energies in their natal chart that actually override their sun sign, usually the culprits are the moon or the ascendant when they are prominently placed and aspected. In some cases even Venus and Mars might overshadow a sun sign. So. If you are disgusted by your horoscope and how inaccurate it is, well, it isn’t my fault.  You probably need to get a natal chart and figure out what sign is superseding your sun and read that sign too. If that doesn’t help, then I guess I just don’t have your wavelength.

In looking at the energies that are prominent this year, the one which will affect you foremost is that of the planet Uranus being in your sign Aries. This is old news, but still quite relevant. Uranus slammed into your sign on 3/16/2011 and will remain here until late 2018. Therefore, it stands to reason that the Universe (or God if you so Believe) is guiding you into waters heretofore uncharted for members of your sign living now.

Aries has been known throughout the written ages of astrology as the warrior sign. The Ram is brave and courageous in the best terms and conditions, and angry and mean when not well handled. Aries is thought of as a soldier and noble, valiant knight, especially in ages past. In modern times we have a number of different types of soldiers, including the brave souls who wander our streets looking for wayward criminals. However, I believe the future (which is a favorite place for Uranus to wander) holds a different reality. There will be drones and robots and other such things to take the place of the gritty soldier, guard and police person of the past. This is a very good thing in my mind, but will leave a segment of strong willed people who need a cause to fight for and someone to protect without a place in this new world order.

Consequently, I believe the Universe, or rather God, is harkening you to find another path: Another way to utilize your great strength and aggressive tendencies in a meaningful way so you do not run about like a Ram in a house of mirrors. We have a new chapter opening to us in the form of space travel. And while Ariens are not particularly natural explorers like Sagittarians are, your strength and bravery will certainly be needed within this sphere of endeavor. Aries people often have excellent mechanical skills, robust musculoskeletal systems and a drive to succeed at any cost, and in the case of space exploration and living in extreme conditions this can be a major plus.

On the other side of it is the fact that Uranus is the ruler of people with extreme intellect, therefore there will be a few notables of this type born in the sign of Aries during this time. As for the regular people, Uranus is asking that you develop some aspect of your intellect to a much more advanced level. Computers and other sorts of electronics can open avenues for success in the future.

As for the rest of your new 2014 solar chart, there are some notable changes, one which looks to be fairly advantageous. The moon will move into the house in which it feels most at Home. So you will feel quite comfortable in your abode. You might decide to work from home to make a little extra cash. Make sure you set aside a little nook in your home that is conducive towards whatever work you do.

You might want to make your home a little more “homey” this year. You have a hankering for things that are soft and fluffy. You might want to get a fish tank or buy some new things for your kitchen if you enjoy cooking. If you don’t enjoy cooking you might want to take a cooking class just to see if you can learn to like it since it is so much more inexpensive to eat at home and it is usually healthier too.

Jupiter is also in this house, which rules your past, your home, real estate issues, your immediate family and antiques. If you are of an age to have children, you may be expanding your family this year. Many of you will want to build on to your home or search for one that is bigger.

The other potential for having the moon and Jupiter together in this nostalgic and memory ridden house is that you may be quite emotional about something, or someone. This won’t be sad necessarily, but more like cathartic. You may find that you are finally in a place that you can truly call “Home”. If you have never had one, I am so very sorry for you. I’ve lived in huge cities, medium sized ones, little tiny ones and everything in between during my life. All of them have their strong points and each one can fulfill this feeling of belonging of which I speak. However, while I have felt at home in many of the places I have lived, there is just one place that automatically springs to mind when someone mentions home: A little town where there were football games on Friday nights, where there was something called “dragging Main” and where we spent the summer at the lake in the sun. You can find this kind of a sense of belonging this year too, or you will be thinking about that place you once called home. I hope these musing make you happy and not wistful.

For those in a relationship, either a business one or a professional one, there does appear to be a few problems. Fortunately for you, Mars is your friend and compadre, so he won’t mess things up to too great an extent, at least we can hope. The bummer part of it is that he is accompanied by the south node, all of which are opposing your solar sun and Uranus. If you are female, be careful not to take a stance that you are a man hater so you refuse to even look for love. There are lots of loveable people out there and they are worth taking time to get to know.

A male from your past is likely to come back into your life, which looks like it will be a rather big surprise. Perhaps this was his intent. Or maybe your partner will do something that shocks you.

This house also rules your best friend, so you might have a major falling out or find a new one. If this person is also your business partner you will want to keep up with what they are doing so they don’t buy something that sets the business back a year on a whim.

Taxes will be a problem for you this year. Your tax bill might be enough to push you into austerity measures. If you pay quarterly, keep up with these payments. If you don’t, you might want to claim fewer deductions so you don’t get hit with a huge payment come April.

Dwarf planet Pluto is very high in your solar chart and will make you wish for more power or give you the luck to attain it. Hopefully you won’t have to throw a partner under the bus in order to achieve this goal. If you are looking for a work try the lines of research, investigations, mining operations or covert ops.

Your house of secrets is very full this year, but it is full of some kind of neat stuff. Neptune is happy here as it is his Home, and Venus is hanging out with him. These two planets get along famously together and can bring you to the heights of romance. Mercury is holed up here too, so you may be involved in a love affair that must be kept secret but you share some wonderful love letters. If you have ever had an inclination to write, do so! You can write some beautiful prose, and you won’t even have to show it to anyone if that isn’t your wish.

Your dream life will be very vivid and you should keep a dream journal. A dream journal is a little book you keep next to your bed that you write down what your dreams were about the minute you wake. If you don’t do it then you won’t remember later, at least not with the same level of detail, and to find the significance in your dreams you really do need to remember the details. Often dreams are prophetic, and yours have more than an average potential to be so this year.

I hope you will have an absolutely fabulous year, with fun and prosperity raining down on your world. Please remember to say a prayer for those who are less fortunate, especially the kids with cancer.

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