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November 2014 Monthly Horoscope

The 10th is all about aggression, manipulation and in some cases overt violence. This is relevant to you because your ruling planet is involved, Mars. He is meeting up with Pluto on this date and will likely have a bigger impact on you than most of us. If you go out and spend time in a group, be careful that you donít get involved in some kind of a skirmish. Given that these two planets are in Capricorn, this isnít going to be a conflict of superficial issues. This could turn into a slugfest. Keep your mouth shut if you donít want to engage in a major dispute. On a more positive side, this will give you the impetus to start some kind of strenuous activity which requires a bit of focus and research to accomplish.

Neptune is moving forward later in the month and this too is rather personal, though only in your solar chart. I donít think it will be an overt energy in your life unless you also have an Aries ascendant. If so, then you may be experiencing some times of confusion. This may be due to all the stress you are under, so perhaps it is time to cut back on your work load. Hopefully Neptuneís forward motion will be the impetus for you to figure out that you are spreading yourself too thin. Rethink your lifestyle and pare down the areas which are taking too much and not giving anything back. If this includes your job, perhaps you need to look for another.

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2014 Yearly Aries Horoscope

Before you delve into your yearly horoscope, I want to remind you of one of the fallacies of astrology, specifically of the sun sign horoscope. We all have a natal chart that is our very own and it shows where all the planets and asteroids and planetoids and dwarfs and mathematical points were when we were born; the Exact moment you took your first breath would probably be best. These sun sign horoscopes, not just mine, everyoneís, are a very general monthly median point for each sign put in a solar chart. Further, some people have other energies in their natal chart that actually override their sun sign, usually the culprits are the moon or the ascendant when they are prominently placed and aspected. In some cases even Venus and Mars might overshadow a sun sign. So. If you are disgusted by your horoscope and how inaccurate it is, well, it isnít my fault.  You probably need to get a natal chart and figure out what sign is superseding your sun and read that sign too. If that doesnít help, then I guess I just donít have your wavelength.

In looking at the energies that are prominent this year, the one which will affect you foremost is that of the planet Uranus being in your sign Aries. This is old news, but still quite relevant. Uranus slammed into your sign on 3/16/2011 and will remain here until late 2018. Therefore, it stands to reason that the Universe (or God if you so Believe) is guiding you into waters heretofore uncharted for members of your sign living now.

Aries has been known throughout the written ages of astrology as the warrior sign. The Ram is brave and courageous in the best terms and conditions, and angry and mean when not well handled. Aries is thought of as a soldier and noble, valiant knight, especially in ages past. In modern times we have a number of different types of soldiers, including the brave souls who wander our streets looking for wayward criminals. However, I believe the future (which is a favorite place for Uranus to wander) holds a different reality. There will be drones and robots and other such things to take the place of the gritty soldier, guard and police person of the past. This is a very good thing in my mind, but will leave a segment of strong willed people who need a cause to fight for and someone to protect without a place in this new world order.

Consequently, I believe the Universe, or rather God, is harkening you to find another path: Another way to utilize your great strength and aggressive tendencies in a meaningful way so you do not run about like a Ram in a house of mirrors. We have a new chapter opening to us in the form of space travel. And while Ariens are not particularly natural explorers like Sagittarians are, your strength and bravery will certainly be needed within this sphere of endeavor. Aries people often have excellent mechanical skills, robust musculoskeletal systems and a drive to succeed at any cost, and in the case of space exploration and living in extreme conditions this can be a major plus.

On the other side of it is the fact that Uranus is the ruler of people with extreme intellect, therefore there will be a few notables of this type born in the sign of Aries during this time. As for the regular people, Uranus is asking that you develop some aspect of your intellect to a much more advanced level. Computers and other sorts of electronics can open avenues for success in the future.

As for the rest of your new 2014 solar chart, there are some notable changes, one which looks to be fairly advantageous. The moon will move into the house in which it feels most at Home. So you will feel quite comfortable in your abode. You might decide to work from home to make a little extra cash. Make sure you set aside a little nook in your home that is conducive towards whatever work you do.

You might want to make your home a little more ďhomeyĒ this year. You have a hankering for things that are soft and fluffy. You might want to get a fish tank or buy some new things for your kitchen if you enjoy cooking. If you donít enjoy cooking you might want to take a cooking class just to see if you can learn to like it since it is so much more inexpensive to eat at home and it is usually healthier too.

Jupiter is also in this house, which rules your past, your home, real estate issues, your immediate family and antiques. If you are of an age to have children, you may be expanding your family this year. Many of you will want to build on to your home or search for one that is bigger.

The other potential for having the moon and Jupiter together in this nostalgic and memory ridden house is that you may be quite emotional about something, or someone. This wonít be sad necessarily, but more like cathartic. You may find that you are finally in a place that you can truly call ďHomeĒ. If you have never had one, I am so very sorry for you. Iíve lived in huge cities, medium sized ones, little tiny ones and everything in between during my life. All of them have their strong points and each one can fulfill this feeling of belonging of which I speak. However, while I have felt at home in many of the places I have lived, there is just one place that automatically springs to mind when someone mentions home: A little town where there were football games on Friday nights, where there was something called ďdragging MainĒ and where we spent the summer at the lake in the sun. You can find this kind of a sense of belonging this year too, or you will be thinking about that place you once called home. I hope these musing make you happy and not wistful.

For those in a relationship, either a business one or a professional one, there does appear to be a few problems. Fortunately for you, Mars is your friend and compadre, so he wonít mess things up to too great an extent, at least we can hope. The bummer part of it is that he is accompanied by the south node, all of which are opposing your solar sun and Uranus. If you are female, be careful not to take a stance that you are a man hater so you refuse to even look for love. There are lots of loveable people out there and they are worth taking time to get to know.

A male from your past is likely to come back into your life, which looks like it will be a rather big surprise. Perhaps this was his intent. Or maybe your partner will do something that shocks you.

This house also rules your best friend, so you might have a major falling out or find a new one. If this person is also your business partner you will want to keep up with what they are doing so they donít buy something that sets the business back a year on a whim.

Taxes will be a problem for you this year. Your tax bill might be enough to push you into austerity measures. If you pay quarterly, keep up with these payments. If you donít, you might want to claim fewer deductions so you donít get hit with a huge payment come April.

Dwarf planet Pluto is very high in your solar chart and will make you wish for more power or give you the luck to attain it. Hopefully you wonít have to throw a partner under the bus in order to achieve this goal. If you are looking for a work try the lines of research, investigations, mining operations or covert ops.

Your house of secrets is very full this year, but it is full of some kind of neat stuff. Neptune is happy here as it is his Home, and Venus is hanging out with him. These two planets get along famously together and can bring you to the heights of romance. Mercury is holed up here too, so you may be involved in a love affair that must be kept secret but you share some wonderful love letters. If you have ever had an inclination to write, do so! You can write some beautiful prose, and you wonít even have to show it to anyone if that isnít your wish.

Your dream life will be very vivid and you should keep a dream journal. A dream journal is a little book you keep next to your bed that you write down what your dreams were about the minute you wake. If you donít do it then you wonít remember later, at least not with the same level of detail, and to find the significance in your dreams you really do need to remember the details. Often dreams are prophetic, and yours have more than an average potential to be so this year.

I hope you will have an absolutely fabulous year, with fun and prosperity raining down on your world. Please remember to say a prayer for those who are less fortunate, especially the kids with cancer.

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