Aquarius (January 20-February 18)
March Horoscope

Big news Aquarius, your ruler is having another run in with Lucky Jupiter as March commences, a continuation of the dance they began late last summer. This is generally a very beneficial energy, expanding the innovations and free thinking for which your ruling planet is known. For you personally, you might want to be a bit careful of a couple of things. First of all, Jupiter is currently in Leo and your ruler Uranus is in Aries. Both fire signs, both arrogant and both are capable of being asshats when challenged. And you are experiencing the Jupiter side of it pretty close up, via your partners and best friends. Uranus is putting a live wire in your communications networks, administrative personnel, neighbors and your kid’s teachers. This can be exciting, but sometimes it is aggravating.

The combined energy of Jupiter and Uranus is predominately positive, bringing new experiences and unusual people into your world. Your partner, either business or personal, might be offered some kind of an administrative position with someone who is quite gifted or perhaps just strange. Either way, it will bring about a lot of interesting dinner conversation.

March is further indicated to be a very important month due to the total solar eclipse on the 20th. NASA has a site called the NASA Eclipse Website which is an excellent tool showing eclipse duration, trajectory and a plethora of other related data. On the upcoming total solar eclipse it appears that unless you live in Svalbard you won’t be able to see it. Astrological lore states that the places which can see the eclipse will receive the most power from it as well as the difficulties purported to be spawned by the eclipse. Early astrologers deemed that rulers would fall during total solar eclipses as well as other dire happenings associated with governments.

Those who have a planet in their natal chart in the latest degrees of Pisces will be more apt to feel the eclipses effects and you may be in the spotlight for some reason if you do. Keep in mind too that this is the front end of the eclipse pattern which includes a solar and a lunar eclipse (which will occur on 4/4/15). The total lunar eclipse is the second to the last in a sequence of eclipses which are called “blood moons” due to the moon turning red, which has Biblical significance (Rev. 6:12). There will be a final lunar eclipse in September which will conclude this triad. These “blood moon” eclipses are not particularly rare events and you can look up when they occurred throughout history. Often they appear to correlate with events concerning Israel. Perhaps the rising surge of anti-Semitism in Europe, the killing of Christians in door-to-door raids in Syria and barbarisms towards other Faiths particularly in Middle Eastern countries could be associated with this succession of blood moon eclipses.

You’ve really got a monkey on your back this year regarding your finances and with nebulous Neptune making everything extremely foggy you won’t likely know have a full understanding of your situation right now. To add to this mélange the solar eclipse is going to set up shop here. You know, just to help out. Solar eclipses are not always malevolent, so maybe you will be hearing about a huge bonus or other financial opportunity.

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Aquarius (January 20-February 18)
2015 Yearly Highlights

You must speak your thoughts, ideas and knowledge this year Aquarius. You will be thought of based upon how you present yourself and the philosophies that you bring forth. If you are in a position of leadership you need to think very hard about the message you want those following you to hear. Most of all, you need to be truthful in what you portray to others. If the company is in trouble, tell those under you. If they have an agenda, let your workers know what it is and why. People will work harder for someone who lets them know what is going on, and if they don’t agree with it, then they can make the decision to leave. Which is okay too.

You have a great deal of competitive energy in your solar money house. This is good if you need incentive to make money, but not good if it makes you put money above other things. Life is hard Aquarius. Other people will always have more than we have. Your kids will never be able to truly compete with other people no matter how much bloody lucre you pour into them. You have opportunity this year to make money. Don’t waste it on superfluous things. Don’t give in to the irrationality of childhood dreams. Save your money. Save it for something important. Whether or not you have the newest Iphone is irrelevant. That said. Bless you parents who buy your kids all the stupid stuff that makes them feel like they belong somewhere. How else will they ever learn that those things are not what make us loved? Let them learn if you can afford it. If you can’t, absolutely take a hard line about it. Show them the family budget and let them figure out how you are going to make ends meet or save enough to eventually retire.

The biggest change in your chart for 2015 has to do with your 7th house, which rules your marriage, your business partners and your best friends. If you aren’t married I think perhaps you will meet someone who makes you think about tying the knot. You have an abundance of excellent emotional energy in your house of partnership this year. Your feelings will be strong, and probably a bit exuberant.

You could meet a partner, either romantic or business, who is generous to a fault. They might even offer you a situation that is not to their advantage, but to yours. Normally I would say to walk away from this kind of generosity as there are usually huge strings attached. But I am a cynic and if ever you were to find someone who is truly generous and obliging to others, it might be now. I cannot leave this though. Run this partnership through all the various hoops before you believe it is sound. Then, thank them and your lucky stars to have found it.

The next change in your solar chart has to do with your house of international business, legal entities, in-laws, philosophy, religion and higher education. The north node is a point of beckoning, and more strongly so, its counterpart the south node because what it offers is easy and familiar. The north node is the one we are supposed to follow, and the south is the one that weaker souls adhere to because they dislike being uncomfortable. Who can blame them? But the Universe does not bless us when we keep to the things that are not a challenge to us. The Universe wants us to branch out and find out the world’s differences. No more prominently than when he is placed in a 9th house, as is your lot this year. Distant travel, going back to school to further your education at university or spending time with strange people are all part of what you are supposed do. What you are supposed to learn is beyond my ken, but learn you will. Take the easy way out and you will eventually find some sort of a sticky wicket.

Old friends or groups to which you used to belong to could re-enter your life to offer a boost of some sort, perhaps a recommendation to a prestigious group or some such thing. Or perhaps you will join an affiliation which has some members who are quite a bit older than you are. In some cases you could lose contact with a well-established group that you relied upon in your life. There is a saying, I have no idea where it comes from but I think I learned it in Girl Scouts… “Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver, the other gold”. If you can, keep your old friends.

As the world dawns upon 2015 it is changing more rapidly than most of us can keep up with or are perhaps comfortable. You, Aquarius, are most adept at dealing with these changes and you need to lead us into this new and unfathomable age. Please do so with grace, kindness and honesty.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)
2014 Yearly Horoscopes

You still have all the emphasis on making money this year, just as you did last year. However there is one change, Mars, planet of competition, aggression and drive has left the house and moved into your solar 9th house. We’ll discuss the implications of that later. You still have Neptune, Mercury and Chiron in your solar 2nd house. Neptune and Chiron are traveling the skies together this year, as they were last year. This energy describes aptly the number of war veterans returning with disabilities. You may be supporting one of these brave souls this year in some way.

Neptune is not a good planet to have in your financial domain in the normal course of things, but thankfully he is happier now because he is in his sign of Pisces and operates much better like this. Still, if you have a difficult Neptune placement in your natal chart be apprised that you will still be bleeding money this year. Keep a tight rein on your spending and check the books if someone else manages them for you to ensure their bookkeeping is not sloppy, or worse yet, that they are hiding money.

Mercury is still giving you better skills at analyzing how to make money. If you are looking for a job one in communications, writing or even a job that requires you take a lot of short trips are all your best potentials.

Your ruler is still lighting up your immediate environment and networking ability. You will likely have a great group of people you can exchange ideas with, and there might even be a few true genius’ among this group. You can learn a lot from them, even if they do seem a bit quirky at times. Being an Aquarian yourself, quirky is your middle name so you already have a lot in common.

You might change roommates, your commute might not be as sedate as you’d like, with things changing from week to week. Keep your vehicles in good working condition as you might experience unusual engine problems or some other issue.

The moon is making home a nice place to be for most of the zodiac, but you have the south node giving your problems with your house, past, wife, least dominant parent, your mother, immediate family or some real estate endeavor. To further exacerbate the problems with the debilitated moon it is also in opposition with Mars. Family squabbles can erupt in very public ways, you may have to move due to your job or if you are college age, you might be accepted to a college far away from your family’s home. Your family may have a very hard time with you leaving.

Others will break away from a family in haste and probably after a very big altercation of some type. Obviously this is not the best scenario, but the Universe appears to wish you to learn via the “hard knocks of life” method. Thankfully this will only be true for this year.

Be careful when traveling overseas as Mars can indicate unrest in a country. Even if the country you visit is peaceful, you may run into some very nasty types so be on your guard at all times, especially in the case of females with children.

The same energies are present in your career sector as was there last year, so hard work is still on the agenda. The north node is still indicating you should be taking on projects which take you out of your comfort zone and learning things that do not come easily to you. The up side to this is that there do appear to be a few more rewards this year.

Hidden in your house of secrets is some interesting energy. Your power is at a low ebb with power planet Pluto… yes, he’s a Dwarf now…you wanna make something of it? your most hidden house. Venus is conjuncting Pluto though, and this can be a big help for most of you. I would definitely take a second look at your finances with this energy.

A potential positive from having Venus and Pluto in your house of secrets is that you have something of an “ace in the hole”. Most likely this is in the form of a friend or lover (female at any rate) who can do things for you behind the scenes which you could never pull off on your own. This house is also indicative of secret enemies and this one will be a very potent one and the issue at hand is likely either money or an affair of the heart.

Speaking of affairs of the heart, you may meet a secret love this year. This person is likely a bit older or of a more austere personality. They also might work as an engineer or some other Capricorn ruled profession. This will be a romance made for the big screen, one that has an intensity you may have never felt before, and won’t likely again. Enjoy the breathless excitement Aquarius as love like this is not the norm.

I hope you will have an absolutely fabulous year, with fun and prosperity raining down on your world. Please remember to say a prayer for those who are less fortunate, especially the kids with cancer.

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